Biography Edit

Born in Braintree, PA. Married and Raised her own family in Washington, PA. In her old age lived with her Son Frank, in Meshoppen, PA.

Vital Statistics Edit

Children of Matilda and John Edit

  1. William Henry Kishbaugh (1843-1933)
  2. Sarah Ann Alworth Kishbaugh (1844-1917)
  3. Richard M Kishbaugh (1847-1870)
  4. Frank P Kishbaugh (1849-1894)
  5. Estella S KishBaugh (1851-1880)
  6. George L Kishbaugh (b1856)

References Edit

1860 US Census Edit

Listing Found for Matilda Kishbaugh

1870 US Census Edit

Taken on 17-June-1860 at Washington Twp, Wyoming Co, PA:

  • Kishbaugh, Matilda - Age 57 , Keeping House
  • Kishbaugh, Richard - Age 23, Invalid
  • Kishbaugh, George L - Age 14,

1880 US Census Edit

Taken at Meshoppen, Wyoming Co, PA / Matilda has moved in with the family of her son Frank.

  • Frank Kishapaugh, M, Age 34
  • Minnie Kishapaugh, F, Age 29
  • Lura Kishapaugh, F, Age 7
  • Cary Kishapaugh, F, Age 4 months
  • Matilda Kishapaugh, F, Age 67

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