Freudenberg-Max birth 1881

Max S. Freudenberg II (1881) birth

Freudenberg-Max death 1881

Max S. Freudenberg II (1881) death

Freudenberg-MaxS 1881 church death

Max S. Freudenberg II (1881) death recorded by Lutheran church

Max S. Freudenberg II (1881-1881) died as an infant at 10 days from congestion of his lungs. (b. November 05, 1881, 51 8th Street, Hoboken, Hudson County, New Jersey, 07030-5056, USA - d. November 15, 1881, 51 8th Street, Hoboken, Hudson County, New Jersey, 07030-5056, USA)


Child of Max S. Freudenberg I (1858-1921) and Eloise Lindauer II (1861-1935). This was Max's first child and his first attempt to name a child after himself. What the "S" stood for as a middle name has never been found on any documents to date. I believe that it could have been "Sigmund" after Max's father, but it is just speculation until it has been documented. The last hope of finding it will be in the baptismal records in Hoboken.



At the time of Max II's death the family was living across the street from St. Matthew's-Trinity at 731 Washington Street in Hoboken. Their church book lists the death of Max Freudenberg in 1881 but has no other references to the Freudenbergs. Max II died of "congestion of lungs".


Max II is buried with his sister Jenny Freudenberg in the Lindauer plot in Cypress Hills Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York:

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