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May 23 in recent years
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May 23 is the 143rd day of the year (144th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 222 days remaining until the end of the year.




Holidays and observancesEdit

Liturgical feast daysEdit


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59 Familypedia people were born on May 23

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Robert Bartlett (1603-1688)Robert Bartlett (1567-1612)Alice Barker (1567-)
William Bennett (1863-1923)
Mildred Bennion (1896-1969)Marcus Bennion (1865-1913)Lucy Evelyn Smith (1866-1937)
Samuel Bradford (1760-1824)Josiah Bradford (1724-1776)Hannah Rider (1723-1790)
Gertrude Rosa Burgess (1874-1958)George Burgess (1829-1905)Eliza Knight (1844-1878)
Aaron Bush (1725-1798)Ebenezer Bush (1687-1757)Mary Miriam Taylor (1682-1752)
Matilda Butler (1844-1918)Sylvester Butler (c1804-1847)Lydia Jane Curl (1816-1891)
Philip I of France (1052-1108)Henry I of France (1008-1060)Anne of Kiev (c1028-1075)
Henrietta Emma Carlisle (1858-1944)John Carlisle (1818-1893)Elizabeth Phipps (1837-1882)
William Carpenter (1605-1685)Richard Carpenter (1554-1625)Alice Knight (1578-1606)
Sarah Carr (1865-1943)Abraham James Carr (c1828-1902)Maria Burdett (c1829-1885)
Elizabeth Cherrington (1846-1887)John Cherrington (1821-1908)Sarah Pennington (1823-1900)
Joan Henrietta Collins (1933)Joseph William Collins (1902-1988)Elsa Bessant (1906-1962)
Jane Olivia Curtis (1842-1866)
John Douglas Evan Wong (1954)Evan Wong (1928)Christine Patricia Neilsen
... further results

76 Familypedia people died on May 23

 FatherMotherAge at death
Mary Ansell (c1629-1713)John Ansell (1600-1628)Mary Nye (-)
Rachel Anthoney (1872-1938)Richard Anthoney (c1837-1929)Ann Betts (c1846-1902)66
Harold Pryor Barton (1879-1915)Frederick Barton (c1841-1885)Harriette Norrie (1857-1935)36
Anthony Gardner Bazley (1911-1937)Gardner Sebastian Bazley (1863-1911)Ruth Evelyn Howard (1877-1962)26
Louisa Jane Blackman (1864-1943)Elizabeth Blackman (1839-1924)79
Alexandru Boicescu (1886-1887)Alexandru Boicescu (1853-1893)Maria Elena Nicolescu (1854-1931)1
George Brudenell, 1st Duke of Montagu (1712-1790)George Brudenell, 3rd Earl of Cardigan (1685-1732)Elizabeth Bruce (c1689-1745)78
Maria Burdett (c1829-1885)Foulger Burdett (1783)Mary Howard (1787)56
Antje Buurman (1790-1836)Claas Buurman (c1760-1798)Cornelisje Rood (c1765-1798)46
Aaron Cheney (1787-1861)Benjamin Cheney (1763-1840)Eunice Hubbard (1757-1794)74
Richard Herbert Cheney (1915-1999)Thomas Herbert Cheney (1869-1947)Margaret Ellen Tyler (1877-1961)84
Mary Anne Clarke (1838-1919)Henry Clarke (c1793-1842)Sarah Bellamy (1800-1872)81
Mary Celcilia Clarke (1847-1917)William James Swan Clarke (1823-1893)Amanda Cordelia Clarvoe (1821-1856)70
Walter Clarke (1639-1714)Jeremiah Clark (1605-1651)Frances Latham (1609-1677)75
Daniel Cline (1855-1928)Joseph Cline (c1823-)Sarah Hury or Hary (c1828-bef1880)
... further results

59 Familypedia people were first married on May 23

 FatherMotherJoined with
Joseph Alden (1668-1747)Joseph Alden (1627-1696)Mary Simmons (1638-1697)Hannah Dunham (1670-1748)
Eleonore Dorothea von Anhalt-Dessau (1602-1664)Johann Georg I. von Anhalt-Dessau (1567-1618)Dorothea von Pfalz-Simmern (1581-1631)Wilhelm IV. von Sachsen-Weimar (1598-1662)
Sofie Hedwig von Sachsen-Lauenburg (1601-1660)Franz II. von Sachsen-Lauenburg (1547-1619)Marie von Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel (1566-1626)Philipp von Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg (1584-1663)
John Birrell (1821-1874)Robert Birrell (1783)Mary or Ann Dunbar (1787)Catherine Cummins (1832-1882)
Blanche de Valois (1316-1348)Charles de Valois (1270-1325)Mahaut de Châtillon (1293-1358)Charles IV of Bohemia (1316-1378)
Louis VIII Capet (1187-1226)Philip II of France (1165-1223)Isabelle de Hainaut (1170-1190)Blanca of Castile (1188-1252)
Melvina Chesnut (1883-1959)Henry Chesnut (1830-1911)Anna Eliza Berry (1865-1928)John Alexander Morrill (1879-1942)
George Child-Villiers, 5th Earl of Jersey (1773-1859)George Bussy Villiers, 4th Earl of Jersey (1735-1805)Frances Twysden (1753-1821)Sarah Sophia Fane (1785-1867)
Robert Davison (1831-1902)Robert Davidson (1806-1843)Martha Blackman (1813-1901)Harriet Rosina Chapman (1837-1872)
Levi Doty (1848-)Jesse J. Doty (1818-1889)Mary Ridenour (1821-)Maria Gear (c1848-)
Alice Elizabeth Drain (1875-1959)Robert Drain (1830-1900)Mary Ann Jane Carruthers (1843-1912)Henry Thomas Painter (1867-1944)
Hannah Dunham (1670-1748)Daniel Dunham (1639-1677)Mehitable Hayward (1652-1677)Joseph Alden (1668-1747)
Otto Elbertsen (1801-1875)Elbert Otten van Donkersgoed (1771-1845)Gerritje Rakhorst (1781-1859)Hendrikje Jans (1803-1880)
Sarah Sophia Fane (1785-1867)John Fane, 10th Earl of Westmorland (1759-1841)Sarah Anne Child (1764-1793)George Child-Villiers, 5th Earl of Jersey (1773-1859)
Nigel Ivan Forbes, 22nd Lord Forbes (1918-2013)Atholl Laurence Cunyngham Forbes, 21st Lord Forbes (1882-1953)Mabel Anson (1882-1972)Rosemary Katherine Hamilton-Russell (1921-)
... further results

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