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May 26 is the 146th day of the year (147th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 219 days remaining until the end of the year.




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60 Familypedia people were born on May 26

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Josiah Alden (1738-)Samuel Alden (1705-1783)Abiah Edson (1706-1749)
Carl David Anderson (1878-aft1905)Anders Peter Nilsson (1849)Gustava Matilda Karlsdotter (1846)
Philip Anstruther (1802-1862)Robert Anstruther (1757-aft1801)Anne Nairne (bef1801-1804)
Elizabeth Davenport Ashford (1777-1825)Thomas Ashford (1731-1797)Sarah Davenport (1741-1805)
Mary Barnes (1856-1930)James Barnes (1815-1897)Jemima Stokes (1819-1905)
Kenneth Birtwistle (1928-1992)John Birtwistle (1894-1954)Bessie Taylor (1895-1955)
Arthur William Brownen (1886-1973)Christopher Charles Brownen (1840-c1916)Sarah Cook (1842-c1912)
Abner Tyler Burroughs (1805-1897)Tyler Burroughs (1770-1845)Anna Pratt (1773-1847)
Emily Maud Cadogan (1773-1839)Charles Sloane Cadogan, 1st Earl Cadogan (1728-1807)Mary Churchill (1758-)
Catharina Capposs (1650-)Martin Capposs (-bef1673)
Emily Catt (1867-1935)John Catt (1840-1905)Jane Tutt (1842-1872)
Isabela Chotková von Chotkov und Vojnín (1842-1857)Jindřich Chotek von Chotkov und Vojnín (1802-1864)Caroline Louise von und zu Eltz (1810-1862)
Jindřich Chotek von Chotkov und Vojnín (1802-1864)Jan Nepomuk Josef Chotek von Chotkov und Vojnín (1773-1824)Maria Isabella von Rottenhan (1774-1817)
John Cochrane (1820-1884)
Alexandrina Corino (1859-1907)Jacob Corino (bef1859)Anna Dekker (bef1859)
... further results

88 Familypedia people died on May 26

 FatherMotherAge at death
Maartje Meijnderts (-1732)Meijndert
William Addams (1705-1773)Richard Addams (-1648)Gertien op den Graeff (c1683-c1726)68
Thomas Arbon (1823-1872)James Arbon (1780-1864)Elizabeth Newman (1787-1868)49
Priscilla Baker (1674-1731)Thomas Baker (1636-1718)Priscilla Symonds (1648-1733)
Simeon Baldwin (1761-1851)Ebenezer Baldwin (1710-1792)Bethiah Barker (1719-1762)90
Joseph Henry Barsden (1873-1943)Joseph Henry Barsden (1851-1901)Kerrenhappuch Shield (1854-1895)70
Richard Bettes (c1737-1793)
Gertrude Sarah Blackman (1858-1948)William Richard Blackman (1825-1898)Mary Single (1832-1909)90
Valerian Brecht (1844-1897)Bernard Brecht (1795-1863)Katherine Horeweddel (1801-)
Gerardus Broersen (1881-1962)Jan Broersen (1846-1916)Johanna Botman (1850-1883)0.081
Lewis A Brumfield (1857-1927)John Quincy BrumfieldDorcas Magee (1831-1857)70
Leon Cantacuzino (1818-1874)Gheorghe Cantacuzino (1785-1854)Yelena Mikhailovna Gorchakova (1794-1845)
Tarsița Cantemir (1730-1755)Ioniță Cantemir (c1698-1754)Marghiolița Caradja (c1705-c1740)
Alfonso delle Due Sicilie (1841-1934)Fernando II delle Duo Sicilie (1810-1859)Maria Theresia von Österreich (1816-1867)30
Louis of Taranto (1320-1362)Philip I of Taranto (1278-1331)Catherine II de Valois (1303-1346)42
... further results

60 Familypedia people were first married on May 26

 FatherMotherJoined with
Johann Georg Bach (1836-1903)Johann Konrad Bach (1794-1857)Anna Maria Schmidt (1796-1877)Elizabethe Margarethe Schauer (1839-1917)
Mercy Baker (1699-1777)John Baker (1672-1763)Anna Annable (1675-1731)Benjamin Lathrop (1697-1758)
Emma Bath (1854-1928)William Bath (1804-1870)Sarah Jane West (1815-1909)Robert Noakes (1846-1923)
Richard Becham (1545-1592)Walter Beckham (1523-1560)Cecily Jenison (1525-1562)Margaret Reval (1545-)
John Thomas Blackman (1857-1936)Thomas Harley Blackman (1818-1879)Cathrine McCann (1829-1894)Mary Ann Large (1864-1936)
Jacob Boon (1824-1891)Cornelis Boon (1779-1853)Grietje de Vries (1791-)Aaltje Buijsman (1825-1883)
Gerrit Bos (c1797-1872)Cornelis Bos (1762-)Aletta Boonzaaijer (1769-)Barendina Nieuwburg (1793-1865)
Alfred Randolph Brazier (1886-1968)John Hesse Brazier (1845-1933)Ann Donnelly (1846-1935)Clara Maud Fittler (1892-1972)
Aaltje Buijsman (1825-1883)Cornelis Buijsman (1791-1855)Digna Hoogendam (1792-1835)Jacob Boon (1824-1891)
Beatrix Bulteel (1859-1937)John Bulteel (1827-1897)Euphemia Emily Parsons (c1831-1914)Frederick William Lambton, 4th Earl of Durham (1855-1929)
Leslie Richard Case (1903-1978)William Richard Steele Case (1880-1951)Sarah Lydia Jane Clark (1882-1943)Hettie Parker (1894-1971)
Elizabeth Cecil (1595-1672)William Cecil, 2nd Earl of Exeter (1566-1640)Elizabeth Drury (1579-1658)Thomas Howard, 1st Earl of Berkshire (1587-1669)
Walter William Chick (1857-1933)Peter Chick (c1800-1883)Henrietta Mary Hannagan (1817-1890)Mary Farenden (1867-1949)
Winston Churchill (1620-1688)John Churchill (1590-1659)Sarah Winston (c1598-)Elizabeth Drake (1620-)
Mary Collits (1826-1851)John Philmore Collits (1803-1886)Hannah Lees (1804-1874)James Sherringham (1815-1862)
... further results

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