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May 4 is the 124th day of the year (125th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 241 days remaining until the end of the year.




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in the Roman Catholic Church:

Formerly celebrated in October.

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55 Familypedia people were born on May 4

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Thomas William Arnold Anson (1913-1958)Thomas Edward Anson, 4th Earl of Lichfield (1883-1960)Evelyn Maud Keppel (1887-1945)
Edward Arbon (1819-1896)James Arbon (1780-1864)Elizabeth Newman (1787-1868)
William Emerson Arnett (1970)Emerson James Arnett (living)Edith Alexandra Palk (living)
Johann Ludwig von Anhalt-Zerbst (1656-1704)Johann von Anhalt-Zerbst (1621-1667)Sofie Auguste von Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorf (1630-1680)
James Edward Ashworth (1831-1910)
John Barker (1678-1745)John Barker (1650-1729)Desire Annable (1653-1706)
Samuel Bass (1600-1694)Humphrey Bass (1565-1616)Mary Buschier (1565-1616)
Isabella Bentinck (1688-1728)Hans Willem Bentinck, 1st Earl of Portland (1649-1709)Anne Villiers (c1651-1688)
Andrew Jackson Bilbrey (1886-1936)Alvis Verl Bilbrey (1856-1935)Sarah Wilson (1853-1932)
Richard Bourke (1777-1855)John Bourke (?-?)Anne Ryan (?-?)
William Brewster (1683-1768)William Brewster (1646-1723)Lydia Partridge (1650-1743)
Henry I of France (1008-1060)Robert II of France (972-1031)Constance of Arles (986-1034)
James Andrew Chaseling (1842-1881)James Chaseling (1819-1888)Mary Jane Crawford (1819-1888)
Henry Fane (1739-1802)Thomas Fane, 8th Earl of Westmorland (c1701-1771)Elizabeth Swymmer (1708-1782)
Robert T. Finley (1634-1712)John Finley (1579-1670)Sarah Craigie (1590-1670)
... further results

90 Familypedia people died on May 4

 FatherMotherAge at death
Jerome Alden (1921-1997)
Sarah Alden (1731-1788)Samuel Alden (1688-1781)Sarah Sprague (1701-1773)57
Sarah Jane Baker (1860-1946)Charles Baker (1814-1897)Maria Cramp (1829-1888)86
Anky Ballard (1760-1842)Philip Ballard (c1722-1778)Nancy Ann Johnson (c1724-?)82
Daniel Barnes (1701-1775)John Barnes (1666-1752)Hannah Howe (1677-1742)74
Jan Willem Beltman (1795-1844)Albert BeltmanAnna Krosman (c1761-1846)
Joseph Bemis (1684-1738)John Bemis (1659-1732)Mary Harrington (1663-1716)54
Martha Bemis (1755-1796)Joshua Bemis (1729-1789)Sarah White (1737-1791)41
Betsy Booby (1871-1954)Charles Booby (1847-1910)Charlotte Fuller (1854-1937)83
Peter Bent Brigham (1807-1877)Uriah Brigham (1757-1820)Elizabeth Fay (1767-1809)
William John Blair Brown (1844-1923)Andrew Brown (1810-1851)Margaret Gilmour (1814-1865)79
Marie Brunswik von Korompa (1832-1901)Franz Brunswik von Korompa (1777-1849)Sidonia Justh von Neczpál (1801-1866)69
Timothy Bush (1766-1850)Timothy Bush (1728-1815)Deborah House (1743-c1819)84
Thomas Cadell (1787-1857)John Cadell (1740-1814)Marie Buchan (1753-1841)70
Jane Carraill (1856-1912)Robert Carraill (1802-1882)Alison Brownhill (1822-1890)56
... further results

55 Familypedia people were first married on May 4

 FatherMotherJoined with
Hannah Adams (1791-1859)John Adams (1766-1831)Dorcas Faulkner (1766-1839)Daniel Appleton (1785-1849)
Teunisje Appelman (1823-1894)Klaas Appelman (1789-1829)Rebecca Verlaat (1790-1870)Cornelis Haakman (1823-1898)
Daniel Appleton (1785-1849)Daniel Appleton (1751-1828)Lydia Ela (1747-1826)Hannah Adams (1791-1859)
John Bradley Baldwin (1839-1909)Loammi Baldwin (1803-1860)Charlotte Bradford (1805-1882)Jane Olivia Curtis (1842-1866)+Louise Eldredge Perham (1848-1886)+Martha Jane Cole Torrey (1842-1907)
Eefje Brakeboer (c1820-?)Jacob Brakeboer (1791-)Guurtje Grasboer (1788-)Arie Breed (1820-1864)
Rebecca Brown (c1606-1654)William Odell (1600-1676)
Alice Mary Bugden (1853-1925)Thomas Bugden (1811-1898)Elizabeth Read (1814-1889)Saul Bishop (1847-1920)
Thomas William Burke (bef1845-1924)Christiana Tooze (1845-1923)
Deliverance Carpenter (1763-1852)Elisha Carpenter (1723-)Deliverance Meraugh (1729-1787)Josiah Higley (1762-1821)
John Cecil, 5th Earl of Exeter (c1648-1700)John Cecil, 4th Earl of Exeter (1628-1678)Frances Manners (1630-1660)Anne Cavendish (c1644-1703)
Mary Chapman (1643-1704)Ralph Chapman (1615-1672)Lydia Wells (1621-1671)William Throop (1628-1704)
Wolstone Childe (1572-1601)David Childe (1541-1609)Letitia Randall (1541-1591)Ellen Empson (1570-1616)
Thomas Patrick Clancy (1868-1933)John Clancy (c1834-1890)Bridget Redden (c1840-1882)Mary Ann Lennan (1870-1962)
Sarah Ann Clarke (1850-1925)Stephen Clarke (c1821-1865)Mary Bradford (1822-1889)William Williams (1850-1931)
Jane Olivia Curtis (1842-1866)John Bradley Baldwin (1839-1909)
... further results

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