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May 7 is the 127th day of the year (128th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 238 days remaining until the end of the year.


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87 Familypedia people were born on May 7

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Alexander Arbuthnot (1768-1828)John Arbuthnot (c1728-1797)Anne Stone (c1733-1782)
Eleonore Wilhelmine von Anhalt-Köthen (1696-1726)Emanuel Lebrecht von Anhalt-Köthen (1671-1704)Gisele Agnes von Rath (1670-1740)
Emma Bath (1854-1928)William Bath (1804-1870)Sarah Jane West (1815-1909)
James Gomer Berry, 1st Viscount Kemsley (1883-1968)John Mathias Berry (1847-1917)Mary Ann Rowe (c1847-1922)
Abigail Bigelow (1687-1746)Samuel Bigelow (1653-1730)Mary Flagg (1657-1720)
David Bigelow (1732-1820)David Bigelow (1706-1799)Editha Day (1705-1747)
Sarah Biscoe (1626-1693)Nathaniel Biscoe (1595-1651)Elizabeth Honor (1592-1642)
Ruth Matilda Bool (1860-1928)George Bool (1835-1900)Martha Geard (1835-1922)
Antonie Bos (1779-1841)Antonie Bos (-)Pieternella Koenders (-)
John Botting (1745-1820)John Botting (1716)Mary Carten (bef1738)
Mary Bradley (1667-1685)Nathan Bradley (1631-1701)Mary Evans (1640-1711)
Thankful Brigham (1765-1824)George Brigham (1730-1808)Mary Bragg (1735-1822)
Elidor Ronald Campbell (1881-1957)Frederick Archibald Vaughan Campbell, 3rd Earl Cawdor (1847-1911)Edith Georgiana Turnor (1844-1926)
Louis I de Bourbon (1530-1569)Charles de Vendôme (1489-1537)Françoise d'Alençon (1490-1550)
Phyllis Margory Cattell (1910-1968)Thomas Henry Cattell (1873-1953)Cecilia Ferris (1883-1956)
... further results

94 Familypedia people died on May 7

 FatherMotherAge at death
Joseph Palmer Abbott (1891-1965)Joseph Palmer Abbott (1842-1901)Edith Solomon (1854-1935)74
Lois Anderson (1880-1983)John Clarence Anderson (1866-1930)Della Monk Arnold (1867-1938)
John Baker (1703-1787)John Baker (1681-1750)Comfort Unknown
Eli Baldwin (1748-1794)Samuel Baldwin (1689-1764)Rebecca Baldwin (c1695-1793)
William Crawford Beeler Jr. (1920-1974)
Elizabeth Catherine Bellamy (1865-1940)Zadock Bellamy (1843-1908)Miriam Sarah Moore (1846-1931)75
Miriam Jane Billingsley (1829-1912)Elijah Randolph Billingsley (1806-1888)Emeline Lovina Northcott (1806-1882)
Mary Isobel Bowden (1878-1931)William Bowden (1853-1895)Maria Levingston (1859-1945)53
William Bradford (1688-1728)John Bradford (1653-1736)Mercy Warren (1657-1727)40
Lucinda Brainard (1813-1864)Samuel Dimmick Brainard (1777-1849)Tamar Lawrence (1786-1871)
Daniel Brewster (1666-1735)Benjamin Brewster (1633-1710)Ann Addis (1628-1708)69
Samuel Bush (1647-1733)John Bush (1593-1670)Grace Sanders (1618-1663)86
Samuel Bush (1677-1733)Samuel Bush (1647-1733)Mary Goodenow (1659-1687)56
Alfred Bushell (1827-1899)Paul Bushell (c1768-1853)Isabella Brown (1801-1883)72
Robert Gamble Cabell (1847-1922)Robert Gamble Cabell (1809-1889)Margaret Sophia Caskie (1823-1867)75
... further results

87 Familypedia people were first married on May 7

 FatherMotherJoined with
Eleonore Marie von Anhalt-Bernburg (1600-1657)Christian I. von Anhalt-Bernburg (1568-1630)Anna zu Bentheim-Tecklenburg (1579-1624)Johann Albrecht II. von Mecklenburg-Güstrow (1590-1636)
John Hinton Baglin (1827-1914)Francis Baglin (1798-1876)Sarah Robins (1799-1848)Charlotte Marks (c1827-1896)
Trijntje Bakker (1824-1897)Cornelis Bakker (1801-aft1824)Antje Laan (1791-aft1824)Jacob Keizer (1819-1889)
Harriet Bateman (1830-1907)Thomas Bateman (1808-1852)Mary Street (1809-1891)Lyman Wight (1829-1896)
Jan Bergwerf (1692-1749)Pieter Bergwerf (1660-1742)Teuntje van der Velde (1669-)Trijntje van Velden
Augustus Berkeley, 4th Earl of Berkeley (1716-1755)James Berkeley, 3rd Earl of Berkeley (aft1679-1736)Louisa Lennox (1694-1717)Elizabeth Drax (c1720-1792)
Hendrik Blok (1813-1880)Gilles Blok (c1788-1826)Antonia Mandel (c1787-1822)Johanna Pieterse (1813-1857)+Cornelia van Gulik (1816-1859)+Anna Christina Louise Gronemeijer (1807-1879)
Robert Steer Bowker (1861-1928)Richard Ryther Steer Bowker (c1816-1903)Lydia Frances Phillips (1830-1878)Florence Mary Marks (1863-1932)
Charles Boyle, 3rd Viscount Dungarvan (1639-1694)Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Burlington (1612-1698)Elizabeth Clifford (1613-1698)Jane Seymour (1637-1679)+Arethusa Berkeley (1664-1743)
Jacob Brandsen (c1824-1871)Klaas Brandsen (c1800-)Aafje de Haan (1797-aft1824)Marijtje Jonker (1812-1877)
Harriett Elizabeth Campbell (1819-1879)Thomas Campbell (c1793-1867)Elizabeth Higgins (c1797-1827)Joseph T Warton (1816-1890)
William Henry Catt (1860-1925)James Catt (1836-1886)Elizabeth Bowerman (c1836-1867)Alice Ada Bowerman (1865-1911)
Bethiah Crooker (1758-1820)Jonathan Crooker (1717-1793)Bethiah Lowden (1721-)Enoch Hall (1753-1838)
Antje Dol (1828-1904)Dirk Dol (1798-1876)Trijntje Kaptein (1798-1831)Teunis Grooteman (1827-1911)
Pieter Dol (1876-1918)Cornelis Dol (1835-1920)Antje Laan (1835-1923)Marijtje Bakker (1876-1945)
... further results

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