McLeod encompasses the body of work researched by several people involved with the genealogical branch descended from Malcolm McLeod (c1786-?), born while crossing the Atlantic. What you will find here is the spine of the American family branch pertaining to relatives and descendants of the family, which spawns over two hundred years of Clan McLeod from the Isle of Skye through this individual. The information compiled here is from a multitude of sources, from descendants' own personal notes, to GENforms, US Censuses, both as well as, the LDS among other sources. Remember when updating pages to list sources and keep it as accurate as possible to preserve the GED file format. But unlike the GED, these pages allow for media articles pertaining to the individuals as well as biographies, ancedotes as well as other sources (including, but not limited to, images, news stories, books, coat-of-arms, links to relevant sources that help both family members and other genealogists as an aide. Welcome to the McLeod Wiki. ;)

Source: Malcolm McLeod

Wife: Mary McPherson Time: 18th century Place: Isle of Skye, Atlantic Ocean, Raleigh, North Carolina

History of a ClanEdit

  • from I.F. Grant's book

Olave the Black (The Father of Leod) was given a portion of the Isle of Lewis - He had three sons, Harold, Reginald and Magnus. Leod was a son by Olave's marriage to Christina, the daughter of Earl of Ross. This was around or before 1245. Leod acquired Harris, Sleat , Trotternish, Waternish and Snizort - in Isle of Skye. Later, through marriage to the daughter and heiress of MacRaild Armuin (Raild is Galic name for Harold) he acquired a lot more property on Isle of Skye, includingthe Castle of Dunnvegan, still occupied by his direct descendant (property orinally transferred from F1orway) .

Leod was founder of two great clans . The Leods were descended from the Norsemen.

Immediate successors of Leod (died in 1280)Edit

  • Reges Alexander, 1249-86
  • John Baloil, 1292-96
  • Rober I, 1306-29
  • David 11, 1329-71
    • (He also had two daughters)

Chiefs of Seod TormodEdit

  • Tormod, Second Chief Torqui 1
  • Third Chief Norman, Third Chief

Chiefs of Seol TorquilEdit

  • Second Chief ( Isle of Lewis) Malcolm
      • (note: Most property inherited)



External linksEdit

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