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The following is a list of Messerly's who served in the military of either side of the Civil War.

Name State Regiment Company Notes
Calvin Messerly Ohio 17 K KIA
Elias Messerly Ohio 133 I
Frederick Messerly Ohio 51 A
Granville E. Messerly Virginia Sixty-second Inf. [1]
Henry Messerly Pennsylvania 56 B
Jacob Messerly Pennsylvania 33 E
James E. Messerly Virginia Capt. McClanahan's Co., Horse Artillery
John R. Messerly Virginia 52 H 1st Sgt. May 1863
John Messerly Ohio 135 A
Joseph E. Messerly Virginia Virginia Provost Guard [2]
Joseph M. Messerly Virginia Augusta County Reserves [3]
Joseph S. Messerly Virginia 16th inf. 3rd reg. Wise Legion [4]
Louis H. Messerly Iowa 52 G
Samuel Messerly Indiana 137 C
William S. Messerly Virginia Sixty-second Inf. [5]

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