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Origin: Swiss- "Messer" (german: knife), "li" (Swiss diminutive)
Variant(s): Messerli
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Swiss- "Messer" (german: knife), "li" (Swiss diminutive)


  • Messerli - Dominant spelling in Switzerland. In the 18th century Maesserli was a fashionable spelling, but prior to that, the spelling is again Messerli.
  • Messerley, Meserly- common typos or mistranscriptions
  • Messerle (Swabian), Mässerly- Alternate european spellings

Growth in the USEdit

Exhaustive info may be found in Migrations: Messerli.

The first known Messerly in the US is Daniel Messerly (c1717) who arrived on the Ship Crown on 30 Aug 1749.

Census figures:

  • 0 (1790)
  • 1 (1800) Peter- (son of Daniel Messerly (c1717)) (York, PA)
  • 2 (1810) Abraham- (York), Jora (Rockingham, VA), 1 Benjn Messerle
  • 1 (1820) John "Messerley" (Rockingham, VA)
  • 6 (1830) Solomon (Rockingham), Daniel (York), George (Columbiana Co, OH), Nicolas (Fairfield Co, OH), Silas (Columbia Co, NY), Br Messerli (New Hanover, NC)
  • 9 (1840) Solomon, Daniel, George, Nicolas (same locations)

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