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Stanislaw (Stanley) MickiewiczEdit

I am searching for relatives of Stanislaw (Stanley) Mickiewicz, who emigrated to the U.S. circa 1900 through Ellis Island and settled in Jersey City, New Jersey. He married Katarzyna (Katherine) Mokrzycka.

Stanislaw came from Russia. The Ellis Island records name Nacuny, which I cannot find a record of as a place. A relative has told me that he from Bialystock (or White Russia, which is now Belarus).

He had brothers and a sister, all of whom were lost to him once he came to the States. One or more of the brothers are thought to have landed in Australia, Argentina and/or Chicago, Illinois. Unfortunately, no one knows their names but I am writing this in the hopes that someone may have more information about any descendants of Stanislaw Mickiewicz’s siblings.

Please reach me via if this applies. User:Andrea nicole, 30 August 2008

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