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 SurnameBirth yearJoined with-g1Joined with-g2Death locality
John Aldred (1818-1894)Aldred1,818Mary Australia Lawry (1825-1903)Christchurch
Frances Avison (1867-1926)Avison1,867Charles Bold (c1866-1891)Petone
Andrew Avison (1871-1914)Avison1,871Elizabeth Blanchett (c1873)Petone
David Benge (1813-1876)Benge1,813Matilda Philadelphia Sarah Roberts (1816-1879)Mangaroa
Robert William Botting (1818-1890)Botting1,818Jane Dungey (1827-1876)Naseby, New Zealand
Thomas Bowie (1833-1891)Bowie1,833Hannah Mountain (c1832-1899)
Frances Brown (1834-1913)Brown1,834James Goodacre (1834-1911)Auckland
Joan Caddy (1920-1986)Caddy1,920David Brian Carrad (1916-2003)Porirua City
Heather Campbell (1911-2004)Campbell1,911Arthur Gordon Tovey (1901-1974)
David Brian Carrad (1916-2003)Carrad1,916Joan Caddy (1920-1986)Ailsa Lilian Preece Browning (1916-2011)Lower Hutt
Ann Clapham (1835-1913)Clapham1,835Andrew Avison (1834-1882)Petone
Joseph Clout (c1806-1862)Clout1,806Elizabeth Davis (c1825-1900)Otahuhu
John Cochrane (1820-1884)Cochrane1,820Elizabeth Paterson (1831-1923)Waimate
James Paterson Cochrane (1853-1904)Cochrane1,853Mary Sophia Pollard (1859-)
Alexander Cochrane (1865-1931)Cochrane1,865Jessie Begg (1869-1919)Waimate
James Cootes (1804-1873)Cootes1,804Hara Unknown (-)Waitaoro Te Kanawa (1829-1886)Otaki, New Zealand
Alexander Copland (1839-1932)Copland1,839Annie Morton Loudon (1857-1905)Isabella Pringle Ferguson (c1867-1953)Timaru
James Copland (1839-1933)Copland1,839Margaret Gardner (1855-1938)
Emma Jane Cross (1834-1928)Cross1,834William Elvy (1834-1896)Nelson, New Zealand
David Dunlop Currie (1864-1945)Currie1,864Rose Evelyn Williscroft (1875-1965)Palmerston North
Robert Currie (1839-1898)Currie1,839Ann (Annie) Dunlop (1839-1891)Palmerston North
Charlotte Cutbush (1822-1855)Cutbush1,822David Noakes (1820-1869)Greytown, New Zealand
William Andrew Davison (1902-1961)Davison1,902Marjorie Bell Copland (1900-1979)Palmerston North
George Henry Davison (1864-1935)Davison1,864Anna Graham (Annie) Wilson (1877-1918)Marton, New Zealand
Jane Drew (c1838-1907)Drew1,838Branston Unwin (1838-1897)Christchurch
Robert Eagle (1812-1879)Eagle1,812Hannah Blanche Puttenham (1813-1900)Wellington
Henry Eagle (1842-1921)Eagle1,842Catherine Vile (1846-1885)Napier, New Zealand
Violet Blake Eagle (1868-1943)Eagle1,868Alfred Hugh Ross (1864-1936)Huapai
Edward Evans (1841-1888)Evans1,841Martha Maria Grove (1849-1919)Christchurch
Penelope Caroline Every (1840-1924)Every1,840William Henry Valpy (1832-1911)Invercargill
Phebe Constance Forlong (1862-1936)Forlong1,862William John Charles Slane (1863-)Auckland
Anna Gordon Forlong (1873-1926)Forlong1,873Frederick Louis Harrison (1873-1945)Whanganui
Gordon Forlong (1819-1908)Forlong1,819Laura Isabella Anstey (-1854)Elisabeth Ana Houlton (1833-1894)Rongotea, New Zealand
Hamilton Gordon Forlong (1866-1933)Forlong1,866Nellie Drew (1873-1920)Heloise Alberta Woodford (1880-)Whanganui
Douglas Gordon Forlong (1869-1955)Forlong1,869Mary Humphrey (1873-c1924)Annie Florence Anderson (c1880-)Bunnythorpe, New Zealand
Hephzibah Forsaith (1824-1897)Forsaith1,824Henry Hassall Lawry (1821-1906)Auckland
Ann Foster (1817-1917)Foster1,817John Vile (1817-1902)Pahiatua
James Fraser (1853-1909)Fraser1,853Isabella Cramond (c1853-)Wellington
John Fraser (1813-)Fraser1,813Sarah Fraser (1810-1903)Otokia
Alexander Fraser (1841-1912)Fraser1,841Margaret Liddle (1841-1912)Hunterville, New Zealand
William Murray Glaister (1854-1917)Glaister1,854Alice Ann White (1860-1933)Dunedin
William Glaister (1816-1883)Glaister1,816Janet Murray (c1816-)Dunedin
James Goodacre (1834-1911)Goodacre1,834Frances Brown (1834-1913)Auckland
Nigel John Davis Gresley (1817-1879)Gresley1,817Mary Ann Harriet Abbott (1827-1911)Auckland
Martha Maria Grove (1849-1919)Grove1,849Edward Evans (1841-1888)Christchurch
Thomas Gudsell (1831-1923)Gudsell1,831Sarah Franks (1833-1895)Riccarton
Mary Elizabeth Hall (1806-1902)Hall1,806Robert Harris (1808-1874)Little River, New Zealand
Robert Harris (1808-1874)Harris1,808Mary Elizabeth Hall (1806-1902)Governors Bay
Henry Shafto Harrison (1810-1892)Harrison1,810Henrietta Peterson (1809-1853)Christiana Catherine (Kate) Fletcher (c1830-)Whanganui
Louisa Adelaide Harrison (1833-1899)Harrison1,833Arthur Herbert Wicksteed (1837-1905)Whanganui
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