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Ancient originsEdit

Descendants of Alpheus Messerly (1877) were identified by the Genographics project as being in Haplogroup B2a, possessing marker P15. This is not one of the more common Haplogroups in Europe, but has a wide distribution into central asia. The male line Messerly ancestor that first had this marker lived approximately 10,000 years ago in the middle east and followed herds into Europe as the most recent ice age glaciers retreated. During the middle upper Paleolithic period, this Haplogroup appears to have followed the mediterreanean route through Ancient Anatolia into southern Europe. High concentrations of B2a populations are found in the caucusus region as well as central asia.

Switzerland origin locationsEdit

Bern Untertorbruecke 800px

Bern- Messerli homeland

Early Population growth Edit

Census figures:

  • 1 (1790) Abraham Messerly appears as Abm Miserly (Dover, York, PA)
  • 1 (1800) Peter- (son of Daniel Messerly (c1717)) (York, PA)
  • 2 (1810) Abraham- (York), Jora (Rockingham, VA), 1 Benjn Messerle
  • 1 (1820) John "Messerley" (Rockingham, VA)
  • 6 (1830) Solomon (Rockingham), Daniel (York), George (Columbiana Co, OH), Nicholas (Fairfield Co, OH), Silas (Columbia Co, NY), Br Messerli (New Hanover, NC)
  • 9 (1840) Solomon, Daniel, George, Nicholas (same locations)



  • Daniel Messerly (c1717) arrives on the Ship Crown on 30 Aug 1749. Large numbers of Swiss immigrants were Mennonites who had been living in the Netherlands. Daniel listed his country of origin as the Netherlands, so it is possible he came with other Mennonites. An examination of the other passengers on his ship might provide further evidence one way or the other.
William Henry Egle (1892), Names of foreigners who took the oath of allegiance to the province and state of Pennsylvania, 1727-1775: with the foreign arrivals, 1786-1808, E. K. Meyers, state printer, p. 278, 
  • Jacob Messerle arrives in Philadelphia on the Ship Phoenix on 1749-09-15 from Rotterdam.
William Henry Egle (1892), Names of foreigners who took the oath of allegiance to the province and state of Pennsylvania, 1727-1775: with the foreign arrivals, 1786-1808, E. K. Meyers, state printer, p. 289, 


There are James, Abraham and 2 John Meserole's in the 1790 census. However, this is a French, not Swiss name, and no connection has been found between spellings.


  • Peter Messerly (bef1760), of Pennsylvania > York > Dover, listed as older than 26, up to year 45. [1]
    • No other males in household.
    • females: one 10-16, one 16-25, one 25-46[2]
  • Abraham Messerly Household also of Pennsylvania > York > Dover
    • one male 0-10, one male over 46.[3]
    • one female 0-10, two 10-16[4]

ca 1819Edit

Nicholas Messerly (1793) arrives in Ohio, settling in Basil Liberty Township, Fairfield County, Ohio

around 1830 Edit

George Messerly (c1775) appeared in Beaver Township, Mahoning County, Ohio from Maryland

George D. Messerly is born in Beaver Township, Mahoning County, Ohio in 1836 to John and Susannah Messerly. married Mary Ann Miller in 1861. Hattie E and Charlie A. survived childhood. Joseph died while a child. H.Z. Williams, History of Trumbull and Mahoning counties, p. 53, 

ca 1833Edit

Samuel Messerly (c1794) arrives with Elizabeth and Christian settling in Clay Township, Tuscarawas County, Ohio. He could be related to Nicholas Messerly, but it appears unlikely at this point. (tbd- explain why)

Ohio inbound migrations Edit

Ohio is a location of primary interest due the concentration of migrations directly from Europe.


Ohio-Messerly residences-1850

From SwitzerlandEdit

Other EuropeanEdit

  • Eliza Messerly (c1828) born Germany is living in Ashtabula in a household with all different last names in 1850 census.

From other StatesEdit

Settling in Beaver Township, Mahoning County, Ohio Edit


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