Mihail Sorbul was born 16 October 1885 in Botoșani, Botoșani County, Romania to Anton Smolsky (1845-1910) and Maria Moscovici (1860-1915) and died 20 December 1966 in Bucharest, Romania of unspecified causes. He married Maria Rădulescu (1890-1960) .

Mihail Sorbul (born October 15, 1885 in Botoșani, died December 20, 1966 in Bucharest) was a Romanian playright and writer.

He was the son of Anton Smolsky (1845-1910) and of his first wife, Maria Moscovici (1860-1915), his real name being Mihail Smolsky, sometimes spelled Mihail Smolschy. His grandfather was a Polish nobleman, officer of the uhlans who had moved to Moldavia in the first half of the 19th century.

Mhail Smolsky studied gramar school in Botoșani and Iași. He then went to high school, first in Iași and then in Bucharest, graduating from the Sf. Sava Lyceum. He also attended Law School at the Bucharest University and studied acting at the Conservatorium of Performing Arts.

He started writing while still in university, publishing his first play "Eroii noştri" (Our heroes) in 1908. The play was well received by litterary critici [[Mihail Dragomirescu (1868-1942) who also convinced him to change his name to Mihail Sorbul, name under which all his next works were published. His following plays were published and played just before or during Wikipedia:World War I.

Mihail Sorbul High School Diploma

Mihail Sorbu's High School Diploma from the Sf. Sava Liceum of Bucharest

Mihail Sorbul - Letopiseţi

Cover of the volume Letopiseţ (Chronicle) by Mihail Sorbul

He died in Bucharest on December 20, 1966.


  • Eroii noştri (Our Heroes) - 1908
  • Letopiseți (Chronicle) - 1915
  • Patima roșie (Red Passion) - 1916
  • Dezertorul (The Desertor) - 1919
  • Prăpastia (The Precipice)
  • Praznicul calicilor (The Beggar's Party)
  • A doua tinerețe (Second Youth)


  • Documentele scriitorului Mihail Sorbul abandonate printre vechituri [1]


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