Miles was born 18 August 1843 in Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois to Miles Romney (1806-1877) and Elizabeth Gaskell (1809-1884) and died 26 February 1904 in Colonia Dublan, Chihuahua, Mexico of unspecified causes. He married Hannah Hood Hill (1842-1929) 10 March 1862 in Salt Lake City. He married Caroline Lambourne (1846-1879) 23 March 1867 in Salt Lake City. He married Catharine Jane Cottam (1855-1918) 15 September 1873 in Salt Lake City. He married Annie Marie Woodbury (1858-1930) 1 August 1877 in St. George. Ancestors are from the United Kingdom.

Mormon Pioneer born in Nauvoo and settler of the Mormon Colonies in Mexico. He has many descendants who are prominent figures in politics, religion and science.

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Miles Park Romney (1843-1904) was born in Nauvoo, Illinois, the son of Miles Romney and Elizabeth Gaskell. He married May 10, 1862, to Hannah Hood Hill at Salt Lake City, Utah. He was the president of the St. George Social Hall Company and the St. George Dramatic Association, and also served as a chief of police, attorney-at-law, newspaper editor, and architect. He also married Catharine Jane Cottam.


Children of Miles Romney and Hannah Hill

1862-Mar-10 : Marriage to Hannah Hood Hill (1842-1929) in Salt Lake City - 13 children To be researched was there a twin for Eugene Romney that died in infancy? Are Frances and Will correct listings?

  1. Isabella Hill Romney (1863-1919) - m. William Platt
  2. Elizabeth Romney (1865-1866) - died infant daughter
  3. Mary Ann "Minnie" Romney (1868-1951) - m. Willard Farr - lots of children
  4. Miles Archibald Romney (1869-1939) - parents of Keith Romney who was president of the LDS West Spanish American Mission in the 1960s and also Gordom M Romney (1899-1984) who in the early 1950s was the first president of the LDS Mission in Central America, opening several territories there to LDS Missionaries.
  5. Gaskell Romney (1871-1955) - m. Annie Pratt (granddaughter of Parley Pratt) and parents of GW Romney, governor of Michigan.
  6. Infant Romney (1873-1873) - stillborn male son
  7. George Samuel Romney (1874-1935) - m. Terressa Redd - he was president of Bannock Stake Academy (later Ricks College, then BYU-Idaho). Their son, Marion, was an apostle in the LDS Church and a democrat in the Utah State Legislature. Their daughter, Artemsia married Ariel Balliff who was later Mayour of Provo Utah (1960-61).
  8. Ernest Van Romney (1877-1951) - m. Dora Jackson
  9. Maggie Romney (1880-1902) - m. George Naegle
  10. Eugene Romney (1883-1945) - m. Ethel Call
  11. Leo Romney (1887-1939) - m. Agnes Layton
  12. Frances Henrietta Sanders (1896-1978) -
  13. Will Romney (1900-) -

Children of Miles Romney and Caroline Lambourne

1867-Mar-23 : Marriage to Caroline Lambourne (1846-1879) in Salt Lake City - two children

  1. William George Romney (1868-1931) - m. Helena Brown
  2. Martha Diana Romney (1870-1943) - m. Orson Brown

Children of Miles Romney and Catherine Cottam

1873-Sep-15 : Marriage to Catharine Jane Cottam (1855-1918) in Salt Lake City - 10 children

  1. Caroline Cottam Romney (1874-1954) - m. Edward Eyring (parents of 10 children including Camilla Eyring Kimball (wife LDS Church President Spencer Kimball) and Henry Eyring the physicist. Grandson, Henry B Erying has served in the First Presidency of the LDS Church since 2008.
  2. Thomas Cottam Romney (1876-1962) - m. Lydia Naegle - he was director of the Logan LDS Institute of Religion and President of the Central States Mission.
  3. Junius Romney (1878-1971) - m. Gertrude Stowell
  4. Claude Romney (1880-1887) - died young
  5. Park Romney (1882-1943) - m. Mary Lee
  6. Emma Romney (1884-1957) - m. Edward Eyring
  7. Ethel Romney (1888-1970) -m. twice - Petersen and Lillywhite
  8. Ida Romney (1891-1943) - m. Leo Alldredge
  9. Lula Romney (1894-1993) - m. Edward Clayson
  10. Vernon Romney (1896-1976) - m. twice - Lois Bradford (a descendant of the Plymouth Colony founder) and Helen Hackett-Brown. Vernon served many years on the Republican state and National Committee from Utah. His wife Helen, was Vice Charman of the Utah Republican Party and founding member of the Utah State Heritage Foundation. Their son Vernon was Utah Attorney General (1969-1976) and another son Keith was a pioneer in condominium developments.

Children of Miles Romney and Annie Woodbury

1877-Aug-01 : Marriage to Annie Marie Woodbury (1858-1930) in St George Utah - 8 children

  1. Ann Cannon Romney (1879-1955) - m. twice to Nathan and William Clayson
  2. Alice Lambert Romney (1881-1923) - m. Albert Hurst
  3. Orin Nelson Romney (1884-1965) - m. Albertha Farnsworth
  4. Erastus Snow Romney (1886-1920) - m. Roxey Stowell
  5. Eleanor Romney (1888-1956) - m. Wilford Farnsworth
  6. Ivie Romney (1890-1981) - m. Edmund Richardson
  7. Erma Romney (1893-1981) - m. twice to Greetham and Haymore
  8. Frank Romney (1897-1983) - m. twice to McAllister and Hill


Offspring of Miles and Hannah Hood Hill (1842-1929)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Isabella Hill Romney (1863-1919)
Elizabeth Romney (1865-1866)
Mary Ann Romney (1868-1951) 31 January 1868 St. George, Washington County, Utah, United States 21 November 1951 St. Johns, Apache County, Arizona, United States Willard Farr (1856-1951)

Miles Archibald Romney (1869-1939)
Gaskell Romney (1871-1955) 22 September 1871 St. George, Washington County, Utah, United States 7 March 1955 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, United States Anna Amelia Pratt (1876-1926)

Infant male Romney (1873-1873)
George Samuel Romney (1874-1935) 12 November 1874 St. George, Washington County, Utah, United States 19 December 1935 Rockford, Winnebago County, Illinois, United States Terressa Artemesia Redd (1874-1964)

Ernest Van Romney (1877-1951)
Maggie Romney (1880-1902)
Eugene Romney (1883-1945)
Leo Romney (1887-1939)
Frances Henrietta Sanders (1896-1978)
Will Romney (1900-)

Offspring of Miles and Caroline Lambourne (1846-1879)
Name Birth Death Joined with
William George Romney (1868-1931)
Martha Diana Romney (1870-1943)

Offspring of Miles and Catharine Jane Cottam (1855-1918)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Caroline Cottam Romney (1874-1954) 25 June 1874 St. George, Washington County, Utah, United States 19 April 1954 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, United States Edward Christian Eyring (1868-1957)

Thomas Cottam Romney (1876-1962)
Junius Romney (1878-1971)
Claude Romney (1880-1887)
Park Romney (1882-1943) 25 March 1882 St. Johns, Apache County, Arizona, United States 13 February 1943 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, United States Mary Vilate Lee (1887-1979)

Emma Romney (1884-1957) 23 July 1884 Snowflake, Navajo County, Arizona 18 December 1957 Mesa, Maricopa County, Arizona Edward Christian Eyring (1868-1957)

Ethel Romney (1888-1970)
Ida Romney (1891-1943)
Lula Romney (1894-1993)
Vernon Romney (1896-1976)

Offspring of Miles and Annie Marie Woodbury (1858-1930)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Ann Cannon Romney (1879-1955)
Alice Lambert Romney (1881-1923) 6 April 1881 St George, Washington County, Utah 29 December 1923 Albert Leroy Hurst (1880-1961)

Orin Nelson Romney (1884-1965)
Erastus Snow Romney (1886-1920)
Eleanor Romney (1888-1956)
Ivie Romney (1890-1975)
Erma Romney (1893-1981)
Frank Romney (1897-1983)

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