Miteouamegoukoue (c. 1630 - January 8, 1699) was a Native American woman who married a Frenchman, Pierre Couc dit LaFleur. She was from the tribe of Sachem "Charles" Pachirini, chief of the Weskarini Band of the Christian Algonquin people at Trois-Rivières, Quebec. After her baptism, she went by the name Marie, becoming Marie Couc dit LaFleur upon her marriage. An abundance of French-Canadians and Americans can trace their ancestry back to Miteouamegoukoue.

Early Years Edit

Miteouamegoukoue was born around 1630 and little is known about her childhood. She was baptized November 6, 1650 at L'immaculée-Conception Cathedrale of Trois-Rivières, Québec. At this time she took the Christian name Marie. After this she was married to Assababich, a member of the Weskarini Tribe, little is known of their marriage. Assababich was killed in an Iroquois attack in April 1652. Together Marie and Assababich had two children:

  • Marie-Catherine (baptized November 1, 1652 at L'immaculée-Conception Cathedrale, of Trois-Rivières, Québec)
  • Pierre (baptized May 6, 1650 at L'immaculée-Conception Cathedrale, of Trois-Rivières, Québec)

Marriage to Pierre Couc Edit

Marie was married to Frenchman, Pierre Couc dit LaFleur on April 16, 1657. The record can be found at L'immaculée-Conception Cathedrale of Trois-Rivières, Québec. The actual ceremony took place in a chapel on the Saint Lawrence River. Pierre was the son of Nicolas Couc and Elisabeth Templar, who resided in Cognac, France. Marie and Pierre had several children:

  • Marie-Jeanne Couc dit Lafleur (baptized July 14, 1657)
  • Louis Couc dit Lafleur (baptized November 27, 1659)
  • Marie-Angélique Couc dit Lafleur (c. 1661)
  • Marie-Marguerite Couc dit Lafleur (baptized June 5, 1664)
  • Marie-Elisabeth Couc dit Lafleur (c. 1667)
  • Marie-Madeleine Couc dit Lafleur (c. 1669)
  • Jean-Baptiste Couc dit Lafleur (c. 1673)


References Edit

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