Morris West (1752-1839)
Morris West
Sex: Male
Birth: 7 Oct 1752 MD
Death: 1839 CADIZ OH
Burial: Probably Bethel M.E. Cemetery
Spouse/Partner: 3 spouses
Children: Elizabeth West (c1773) m. William Randles

Susanna West (c1775) m. Joseph Thompson

Henrietta West (c1777) m. Thomas Hogland

William West (c1780) m. Sarah Boyd

Ruth West (c1782) m. Philip Cahill, Sr.

Nathaniel West (c1783) m. Mary Cahill

Thomas West (c1785) m. Mary Ann Tipton; Sarah Underhill

Charity West (1790-1859) 23 Jan 1790-14 Nov 1859 m. Elijah Lacey

Morris West (c1799) c1799 m. Nancy Hudson; Letitia Jones; Michal Ann Ridgway

Augustus Bickerstaff West (1800-1889) m. Rachel Paxton; Mary Brindley; Mary Lewis.


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