Morten Svaleson (1620-1676) of Gjeitreim
Morten Svaleson
Sex: Male
Birth: 1620
Bjerkreim, Norway
Death: 1676
Father: Svale Mortenson of Gjeitreim (bef1605-bef1661)
Mother: Ingrid Sivertsdatter of Grøsfjell (bef1602-aft1620)
Siblings: Omund Svaleson (1618-aft1701)
Steinvor Svalesdatter (?-1692)
Spouse/Partner: Gjertrud Sivertsdatter of Holmen
Children: Svale Mortenson of Gjeitreim (c1653-1725)
Guri Mortensdatter (c1667-1692) of Gjeitreim
Gregorius Mortenson of Hegelstad (?-c1698)
2nd Spouse: Marit Eilevsdatter Kvia (?-1721)
2nd Marriage: after 1667

Notes on First MarriageEdit

  • "Martins Sangkister" lists Morten's first wife as Gjertrud Sivertsdatter of Holmen in some places and Gjertrud Knutsdatter in others. It does, however, list ancestors of Gjertrud, including a father Sivert.
  • The second tree used as a reference, i.e. "Our Melting Pot" does not shed any light on the issue, as it lists only Morten's second wife.
  • To confuse things further, the tree entitled "Ancesters for Johan Fredrik Svele" lists Morten's first wife as Inger Siversdtr of Holmen, which seems to be a combination of Gjertrud Sivertsdatter and Morten's mother Ingrid Sivertsdatter of Grøsfjell. The Svele tree relies on "Bjerkreimsboka, bind 3" for the information on the first marriage. (Bjerkreimsboka is a book written in 1997 by Lisabet Risa).
  • The fourth and fifth sources, "Aettens Agnatiske Linje" and the "Jim Vold Family Tree," list the name Gjertrud Knutsdatter.


  • Svale and Guri were children by Morten's first wife Gjertrud.
  • Gregorious was a son by Morten's second wife Marit.


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