Moses Whittle (1854 - 1908) was a Lancashire overlooker; and was the grandfather of Frank Whittle, the well-known engineer officer.


Moses Whittle was christened on 11 June 1854 at Brindle, Lancashire. His parents were Thomas and Margaret (Holden) Whittle. He had a brother Edward in 1852. His parents had been married in 1851 in Bolton, Lancashire.

At twenty-one years old, in 1875 in Bolton, Moses married Catherine ('Kate') Duckworth of the same age. The couple had the following children:

  • Joseph Whittle (1875)
  • Edward Whittle (1876)
  • Anne E. Whittle (1878)
  • Margaret Whittle (1880)
  • Jane Whitte (1881)
  • Moses Whittle (1882)
  • Thomas Herbert Whittle (1883)

Moses worked as a cotton overlooker.

Moses Whittle died in 1908 in Bolton, Lancashire aged fifty-four.