Murray Forbes
(no image known)
Sex: Male
Birth: July 4, 1782
Dumfries, Prince William County, Virginia
Death: July 30, 1863
in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County, Virginia
Burial: Thornton-Forbes-Washington Cemetery,
Fredericksburg, Virginia
Father: David Forbes
Mother: Margaret Stirling
Spouse/Partner: Sarah Innes Thornton
Marriage: March 11, 1815
in Virginia

         Murray Forbes owed much to Col. Alexander Henderson of Dumfries. Col. Henderson took him on as a clerk in his business and essentially adopted him as a son (Murray's father had passed away when he was only 6 or 7). Eventually, Col. Henderson sent Murray to manage his share in the Alexandria, Virginia, branch of his business. When Murray came of age (c. 1803), the Col. told him that he would like to keep him on as he had served him satisfactorily and to his own credit. But the Col. thought he should really go into business on his own account and gave him $5000 and a letter of credit for another $5000. Murray was surprised and tried to turn down this generosity, but the Col. insisted. So it was by this start given to him by Col. Henderson that Murray became a well-known and accomplished merchant and gentleman in Falmouth. The records I have seen referred to him as a banker in Falmouth. I have more information on him in my mother's files.

         His son James Fitzgerald Forbes died in the same volley that mortally injured Gen. Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson at Chancellorsville in the Civil War. His son William Smith Forbes was an activist for the teaching of anatomy and was instrumental in getting legislation passed to regulate the use of cadavers in medical science in Pennsylvania. Son John Murray Forbes was a prominent lawyer and served in the Virginia House of Burgesses.


Name Birth Death
Children of Murray Forbes and Sarah Innes Thornton

John Murray Forbes November 17, 1816
Falmouth, Stafford County, Virginia
May 14, 1890
Fauquier County, Virginia

Delia Smith Forbes July 6, 1818
?? ??, 1881

Elizabeth Fitzgerald Forbes June 6, 1820
January 29, 1875

Catharine Thornton/Marshall Forbes July 25, 1822
October ??, 1896

Sarah Innes Forbes July 31, 1824
August 31, 1843

Francis Thornton Forbes August 11, 1826
Falmouth, Stafford County, Virginia
November 22, 1904
Stafford County, Virginia

James Fitzgerald Forbes September ??, 1828
Falmouth, Stafford County, Virginia
May 4, 1863
Fredericksburg, Virginia

George William Smith Forbes February 10, 1831
Falmouth, Stafford County, Virginia
December 17, 1905
Philadephia, Pennsylvania

David Stirling Forbes February 3, 1835
December 24, 1908

Alfred Thornton Forbes ?? ??, 1839
c. 1896



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