Muslim Ladies College is known and recognized in Sri Lanka as the premier state educational institution for Muslim girls. It is located at No 22, Kensington Gardens, Colombo 04 and was started in 1946 by the Ceylon Moor Ladies' Union on land and buildings donated by Sir Razik Fareed.

A school that started with 26 students, today has a student population of 2800 and a tutorial staff of 109. It has a student hostel. The school has completed 60 years of dedicated service to the cause of Muslim girls' education.

The school follows the educational ideals of a good citizen and upholds a life of purity, discipline and service exemplified by the highest and the noblest in Muslim Womanhood. Students are given the opportunity to participate in planning sharing and managing school activities which would give them the experience to perform to the best of their ability and to develop the confidence and self understanding so necessary for a full and satisfying life.

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