FANDOM, Inc. (which has changed its name to The Generations Network) is a subscription website offering structured pages for people to use as a way of keeping families in touch. It is the holding company of a group of companies including RootsWeb,, and

Access is by password. Administrators can create new administrators and can edit all contributions. Ordinary members can invite anyone else to become a member and can contribute, via simple edit boxes, to a variety of sections such as "News", "Reviews", "Photos", and "History". There is a slightly more complex Online Family Tree section, which links to Ancestry World Tree and appears to make the data (except about living persons) available through an Ancestry search.

Personal preferences allow members to receive all or only some or none of the possible automatically generated notifications about new content, anniversaries, and other site changes.

For a few years one could have a free MyFamily site, but that was stopped in June 2003; unpaid sites remain skeletally accessible, sending occasional notices, awaiting the payment of a subscription. The annual subscription covers any number of members of one site.

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