FANDOM is a family tree website that merged with Geni in 2012 and incorporates BackupMyTree.


It has good search facilities. Some of the user-submitted trees are visible to outsiders; see, for example, Gio Wiederhold's ancestors.

Some free accessEdit

Occasionally it gives free access to some of its records for a few days.


"To celebrate Valentine’s Day, MyHeritage has a special gift for all. For a limited time, we are providing free access to love-related records in our massive historical records collection. No Data subscription is required, so you may search many US States, European and worldwide collections for your ancestors’ marriage records!

Free access is open now, through midnight, February 15."

MyHeritage DNAEdit

The company has started offering DNA testing.

A brief "sale" in April 2018 reduced the kit price from $NZ135 to $NZ95.

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