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LL. M. Nanning van Foreest (Alkmaar, 1529 - The Hague, October 3 1592) was among other town council, Secretary and pensionary of Alkmaar, Councilor of the Supreme Court of Holland, Zeeland and West-Friesland, Deputy to States General for Holland, and committed the Union of Utrecht.

Nanning was the son of Jorden van Foreest (1494-1559) and Margaret, daughter of Nanning Beyers. In 1563 he married Christina Queeckel, who died one year later. On April 13 1566 he married in Maurik Maria Hattem (1533-1624). They had five children: three sons and two daughters. His youngest son Nanning would in his footsteps as a director of the city Alkmaar and the region Holland.

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