Nanning van Foreest (1578-1668)

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Nanning van Foreest (Alkmaar, 1578 - The Hague, November 30 1668), Foreman of Holland, was among more town council and Secretary of Alkmaar and counselor and accountant of the Court of Domains in Holland.

Nanning Foreest was the son of Nanning van Foreest (1529-1592) and Mary van Hattem. In 1607 he married Matilda of Sonnevelt (c.1585-1616) in Alkmaar , daughter of Treasurer Hendrik van Sonnevelt and Anna Daems. They had four children: three daughters and one son. Nanning their son would die young and unmarried. The eldest daughter Anna van Foreest (1609-1654) would marry the leading Amsterdam regent Pieter van Loon (1607-1679). And the youngest daughter Hester van Foreest (1615-1705) would be married to her distant cousin Dirk van Foreest (1614-1679)

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