Jose Narciso Romero was a rancher/farmer who lived in El Valle, Taos County, New Mexico.

Born in May 1855 in Las Trampas, Taos Co., NM.

He is the son of Juan Cristobal Romero and Maria Viviana (Bibiana) SANDOVAL.


About 1885, he married Demetria Velasquez (1869-1924), daughter of Jose Victor VELASQUEZ and Maria Josefa LEYBA/LEYVA. She was born in November 1869 in Taos Co., NM


Children of Narciso Romero and Demetria VELASQUEZ:

  • Amador Romero b. 1887
  • Abelino/Aveleno Romero b. 1888
  • Jos. Elfido/Delfido Romero b. 1890
  • Esequiel Romero b. 1894
  • Magdalena Romero b. 1899
  • Juan de Jesus Romero b. 1903
  • Demostenes Romero b. 1908


Narciso died 26 June 1924, most likely in Taos County, New Mexico.

His wife,Demetria, died about 1924.


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  • 1880 U.S. Census: New Mexico Territory/Taos County
  • 1900 U.S. Census: New Mexico Territory/Taos County/Chamisal
  • 1920 U.S. Census: New Mexico Territory/Taos County/El Valle Village

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