Nellie I. Crossland was born 1880 and died December 1964 in Indiana of unspecified causes. She married Elmer Stephen Doty (1882-1973) 3 August 1904 .


Offspring of Nellie I. Crossland and Elmer Stephen Doty (1882-1973)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Bernice Gwendolyn Doty (1905-1977) 26 June 1905 5 September 1977 George Peacock (?-?)
Shaffer (?-?)

Denzil DeWitt Doty (1907-1989) 20 October 1907 1989 Fern C (?-?)

Ella Ester Doty (1912-1912)
Dale Crossland Doty (1914-1992) 31 May 1914 1992
Stephen Elmer Doty (1920-1982) 12 November 1920 1982

Elmer & Nellie Doty 50th Anniversary

  • Elmer and Nellie Doty on their 50th wedding anniversary, 1954, with their children (L to R): Denzil, Dale, Bernice, and Steve (Elmer Jr.).

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