YearShip LeaderLand AcquisitionConstructionSettlers
1638 Kalmar Nyckel arrives in March Captain Peter Minuit purchases land on west bank from the Schuylkill River to Bombay Hook Fort Christina at present Wilmington24 men, under the command of Lt. Måns Kling
1639 Fogel Grip Anthony Swartz (slave)
1640 Kalmar Nyckel brings the first families to New SwedenLt. Peter Hollander Ridder, succeeds Kling as commanding officebetween Schuylkill and the Falls of the Delaware.Sven Gunnarsson, Lars Svensson, Peter Rambo, Anders Bonde, Måns Andersson, Johan Schaggen, Anders Dalbo and Dr. Timen Stiddem. purchases more land from Indians
1641 Kalmar Nyckel, joined by the Charitas,Ridder purchases land on east side of Delaware from Raccoon Creek to Cape May, and on west side from Bombay Hook to Cape Henlopen64 men to New Sweden, including families :Måns Lom, :Olof Stille, :Christopher Rettel, Hans Månsson, Olof Thorsson and Eskil Larsson. Also such single men as Peter Cock, Matts Hansson and his brother Anders Hansson, Ivert Hendricksson, Johan Ericksson, Matts Hansson from Borgå, Johan Stålkofta, Lucas Petersson, Knut Mårtensson, Lars Bjur, and four orphans, including Israel Helm.
1642 Settlements established at Techoherassi, Upland and Finland, in modern PA
1643 The Fama and Swan arrive bringing Johan Printz, first royal governor of New SwedenFort Elfsborg on east side of Delaware, Fort New Gothenburg on Tinicum Island, Printzhof on Tinicum Island50 new settlers, incl: Captain Sven Skute, soldiers Jonas Nilsson, Jürgen Keen, Johan Gustafsson, Anders Andersson Homman, Peter Jochimsson and the family of Anders Andersson the Finn.
1644 Kalmar Nyckel and Fama 14 men addional men, including Lt. Johan Papegoja
1645 Settlement is made at Kingsessin; first grist mill is built on Mill Creek, now known as Cobbs Creek
1646 First log church built on Tinicum Island.
1647 Fort Korsholm is completed on Province Island.
1648Swan arrives Aronameck, on west side of Schuylkill, settled; Dutch build Fort Beversreede on east side of Schuylkill, 12 men, including Rev. Lars Carlsson Lock, Nils Larsson Frände, Johan Fisk and Hendrick Johansson
1649Loss of the Kattan near Puerto Rico
1651 Dutch build Fort Casimir at Sand Hook (New Castle) and abandon Fort Beversreede in Schuylkill. Fort Elfsborg and Fort Korsholm, abandoned
1652Some freemen move to Fort Casimir under the Dutch, due to autocratic rule of Printz
1653Prinz suppresses "mutiny" by 22 freeman; 15 freemen flee to Fort Casimer or to Maryland for protection Printz flees, Johan Pagpegoya left in charge
1654Eagle arrives in MayJohan Rising,New settlements are established at Ammansland (Ridley Township) and Swanwick; Fort Casimir captured from the Dutch and renamed Fort Trinity Population stands at 368 persons
1655 Dutch take control of colonySome colonists move to the Sassafras River in Maryland Governor Rising and 36 others return to Sweden. Most of the Swedes and Finns decide to stay in America, pledging allegiance to the Dutch.

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