Nicholas Bennet (1743-1796)
Nicholas Bennet
Bennett-Nicholas biography
Sex: Male
Birth: 1743
Baptism: December 15, 1743
Dutch Reformed Church,
Wolver Hollow,
Nassau County,
New York
Death: September 21, 1796
Father: Johannes Bennet (c1708-1775)
Mother: Marijke Latten (c1710-?)
Spouse/Partner: Mary Duryea (1752-1834)
Marriage: December 2, 1773
Oyster Bay,
Nassau County,
New York
Children: Maratje Bennet (1774-1830)


Nicholas was likely named for his maternal grandfather Nicolaas Latten.



He married Mary Duryea (1752-1834) on December 2, 1773. She was the daughter of Joost Duryea and Willempy Terhune.



Nicholas Bennet, son of Johannes Bennet and Malte Letten, b. Dec. 15, 1743; d. Sep. 21, 1796; m. Dec. 2, 1773, Mary or Maria Duryea, dau. of Joost and Willempy Terhune, b. Jan. 23, 1752; d. Dec. 20, 1834. Her mother in her will gives her the pewter platter marked "M. R. T." (Compiled from a Psalm book in possession of Mrs. Sarah M. Youngs of C. S., and a Bible of Nicholas of O. B., a grandson and son of Roelof). She was admitted to the church as a widow, Oct. 28, 1815.[1]


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