Nicolaas Gerritse Latten (c1692-aft1771)
Nicolaas Gerritse Latten
Sex: Male
Birth: circa 1692
Death: between 1771 and 1775
New York
Father: Gerrit Claessen Van Letten (c1666-?)
Mother: ? ? (bef1675-?)
Spouse/Partner: ? ? (bef1695-?)
Children: Gerritt Latten
Marijke Latten (c1710-?)
Janake Latten
Ariantie Latten


In the name of God, Amen. I, Nicholas Latten, of Jamaica, in Queens County, yoeman, "being in good health, do think it dutifull (sic) to set my house in order." I leave all my estate, real and personal, to my son Gerritt and my daughters Maricke Bennit, Janake, and Ariantie, equally. I make my four children, executors. Dated September 20, 1771. Signed, "Claes Lotting." Witnesses, Philip Edsall, Samuel Edsall, Philip Edsall, Jr. Proved, January 11, 1775.[1]

Connection to ParentsEdit

As the above transcribed will is the only known reference to Nicolaas being the father of Marijke, and it does not refer to Nicolaas as the son of Gerrit, the connection to his father is not proven to the best of the author's knowledge. However, there are a number of genealogies on the internet who list his father as Gerrit Claessen Van Letten. Further research is required.


  1. ^ Abstracts of New York Wills, Liber 29

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