Nicolas Patenostre (c. 1625 - February 13, 1679 in Ste. Famille, Montmorency, Quebec) was a first generation French immigrant.

Biography Edit

Nicolas Patenostre was born to Nicolas and Adrienne Simon Patenostre. According to most sources, Nicolas was born in Berville-en-Caux, a parish in Normandie. There are currently no records to prove this.

At a young age Nicolas learned the trade of cloth merchant. It was at the age of 22 that Nicolas decided to immigrant to Canada, and in 1650 he arrived in Quebec City. Due to the fact that Charles Sevestre was the principal witness to the marriage contract of Nicolas, it's believed that he was in his care upon his arrival.

Marriage and Children Edit

Nicolas was married to Marguerite Breton on October 25, 1651 at the residence of Marie Favry at Quebec. On October 30, 1651 there was the blessing of the matrimonial commitment of Nicolas and Marguerite at the church of Notre-Dame in Quebec by the Jesuit priest Joseph Poncet.

Nicolas and his family ultimately settled once in northern Ile d'Orleans. Nicolas Patenostre together with his wife Marguerite Breton had eleven children:

  • Pierre (1653-c. 1658)
  • Jean (1654-1699), married Marie-Francoise Brunet-Belhumeur, Marie Robidou
  • Charles (1656-1724), married Francoise Seguin-LaDeRoute
  • Pierre (1658-1715), married Catherine Brunet-Belhumeur
  • Marie (1660-1699), married Claude Plante
  • Louis (1662-1705)
  • Gervais (c. 1665-1693)
  • Nicolas (1666-c. 1688)
  • Marin-Michel (1667-1715), married Marguerite Mercier
  • Marguerite (1669-1738), married Pierre Plante
  • Elisabeth (1672-1723), married Jean Ferron-Sancerre

Death Edit

Nicolas died in his early 50s. On February 14, 1679 he was buried in Ste-Famille Parish on Ile d'Orleans. The pastor Lamy stated in the registry that he was 50 years old and devoted.

His widow Marguerite continued the care and education of their children. The living record of her is during the marriage of her son Marin, heir to the paternal property, on November 11, 1698. It is unknown when or how she may have died.

Descendants Edit

Nicolas Patenostre is accepted as the common ancestor of the Patenaude families of North America. Various notable descendants include Esioff-Léon Patenaude, Ed Patenaude, Bertram Albert Patenaude, Martine Patenaude, and Mark Wahlberg.

Patenostre Name Variations Edit

Patenostre is roughly Latin for "Our Father." In the Christian faith they are prayers, often said in a low voice and without specified intentions.

Each of the children and grandchildren of Nicolas Patenostre have added their own unique spellings of the surname. Here are some common variations: Paenaute, Partenais, Partenet, Partney, Patenaude, Pateneau, Patenotre, Patenote, Patenoude, Patna, Patnaud, Patno, Patnod, Patnode, Patnot and Pattenode.

Sources Edit

1. Our French Canadian Ancestors by Thomas J Laforest, Vol 28, Chapter 18

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