Nils Torkildsen (1566-?) of Sunde

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Nils Torkildsen (1566-?) of Sunde
Nils Torkildsen
Sex: Male
Birth: 1566
Sunde, Flekkefjord,
Vest-Agder, Norway
Father: Torkild ?
Spouse/Partner: Brynhild Olsdatter (1562-?) of Djupvik
Marriage: circa 1603
Vest-Agder, Norway
Children: Åsulv Nilsson (?-1651) of Sunde
Torkild Nilsson of Sunde
Jon Nilsson of Sunde
Oluf Nilsson of Sunde
Gjertrud Nilsdatter of Sunde
Gunhild Nilsdatter of Sunde
Marit Nilsdatter (1610-1669) of Sunde


Nils was a delegate from Feda court district at the tribute of King Christian IV in Akershus, Oslo on April 15th, 1591. In 1598, Nils was mentioned as a sheriff (lensmann) in Feda, Norway.


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