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November 15 in recent years
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November 15 is the 319th day of the year (320th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 46 days remaining until the end of the year.


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80 Familypedia people were born on November 15

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Mary Allen (1681-1731)Jedidiah Allen (1646-1711)Elizabeth Howland (c1646-1711)
Mary Jane Andrus (1832-1914)Milo Andrus (1814-1893)Abigail Jane Daley (1815-1894)
Rachel Anthoney (1872-1938)Richard Anthoney (c1837-1929)Ann Betts (c1846-1902)
John Bigelow (1817-1911)Asa Bigelow (1779-1850)Lucy Isham (1780-1853)
Alfred Harold Blackman (1886-1923)Thomas Robert Blackman (1858-1929)Emily Ann Carlisle (1860-1929)
Rebecca Bloodworth (1833-c1913)James Bloodworth (1790-1857)Maria Pantony Lee (1795-1895)
Percy Leslie Botting (1900-1983)William Wheatland Botting (1858)Edith Annie Brown (c1860)
Mary Brodie (1842-1872)John Thomas Brodie (1805-1858)Margaret Crawford (1822-1905)
Pieternelletje Brunse (1802-1885)Cornelis BrunseCornelia van der Steen (c1771-1833)
Edward Cecil George Cadogan (1880-1962)George Henry Cadogan, 5th Earl Cadogan (1840-1915)Beatrix Jane Craven (1844-1907)
Jean I Capet (1316-1316)Louis X Capet (1289-1316)Clementia of Anjou (1293-1328)
Gervase Henry Cary-Elwes (1866-1921)Valentine Dudley Henry Cary-Elwes (1832-1909)Alice Geraldine Ward (1844-1907)
James Charles Cavendish (1838-1918)George Henry Cavendish (1810-1880)Louisa Lascelles (1812-1886)
Eileen Cawte (1963)Denis SoughtonDoreen Soughton
Heber Manassah Cluff (1868-1913)Moses Cluff (1828-1903)
... further results

74 Familypedia people died on November 15

 FatherMotherAge at death
Lilly Armstrong (1830-1918)Charles Armstrong (c1800-1865)Naomi Wright (1808-1896)88
Stephen Arnold (1622-1699)William Arnold (1587-1676)Christian Peake (1583-1659)77
Luitpold III. von Österreich (1073-1136)Luitpold II. von Österreich (1050-1095)Ita von Cham (c1050-1101)22
Alvah Moses Beaman (1775-1837)Reuben Beman (1742-1810)Mariam Tracy (1745-1822)
William of Warwick (bef1140-1184)Roger of Warwick (1102-1153)Gundred de Warenne (1119-1165)44
Eva Mary Bowden (1878-1963)Frank W Bowden (1855-1942)Letitia S Smith (1858-1934)85
Roland Forrest Carter (1921-2010)James Guilford Carter (1891-1967)Etta Mae Lewis (1892-1976)89
Matthew James Chaseling (1839-1906)John Chaseling (1799-1876)Ann Everingham (1802-1849)67
Ada Eliza Rosetta Crossley (1869-1951)Jeremiah Crossley (1811-1884)Sarah James (1824-1909)82
Oliva Dionne (1904-1979)Charles Dionne (1867-1944)Rosalie Couture (c1874-?)
James Douglas-Hamilton, 4th Duke of Hamilton (1658-1712)William Douglas, Duke of Hamilton (1634-1694)Anne Hamilton, 3rd Duchess of Hamilton (1632-1716)54
Edward Edwards (1631-1672)John Edwards
John Alexander Elphinstone, 17th Lord Elphinstone (1914-1975)Sidney Herbert Buller-Fullerton Elphinstone, 16th Lord Elphinstone (1869-1955)Mary Frances Bowes-Lyon (1883-1961)
Lydia Broomfield Etherington (c1794-1859)Elleeck Etherington (c1745)Hannah Robley (1754)65
Millard Powers Fillmore (1828-1889)Millard Fillmore (1800-1874)Abigail Powers (1798-1853)61
... further results

80 Familypedia people were first married on November 15

 FatherMotherJoined with
Stanley Harris Abbot (1863-1935)Harris Abbot (1812-1884)Caroline Ann Greeley (1836-1911)Mary Kimball (1868-1921)
Beatrice del Monferrato (c1210-1274)Guglielmo VI del Monferrato (c1173-1223)Berta di ClavesanaAndré Guigues VI du Viennois (1184-1237)
Sarah Allred (1811-1834)James Allred (1784-1876)Elizabeth Warren (1786-1879)John Newton Burton (1809-1839)
Joseph Franciscus Angelbeek (1884-1951)Gerardus Bernardus AngelbeekCornelia NeidigGeertruida de Blaauw (c1892-)+Maria Petronella Vitali (1894-1974)
Jasper Clinton Ball (1852-1933)Clinton Manross Ball (1817-1893)Cynthia Dale (1822-1900)Nellie Rebecca Durrell (1856-1935) + Clara Ball (1890-)
Rebecca Barton (1760-)Bezaleel Barton (1722-1775)Phebe Carleton (1724-1842)John Haseltine (1722-)
Jacob Bellett (1765-1813)John Bellett (1749)Susanna Brown (c1744)Ann Harper (1772-1842)
John Bent (1689-c1754)John Bent (1636-1717)Martha Rice (1657-c1716)Hannah Rice (1692-aft1736)
Ann Blundell (1835-1904)Joseph Blundell (1799-1852)Jane Elkin (1817-1883)John Wall (1826-1888)
Ida Elizabeth Bowman (1872-1918)Andrew Grey Bowman (1843-1939)Elizabeth Fyfe (1846-1923)Hyrum Mack Smith (1872-1918)
Gerrit Brussé (1801-1858)Jacobus Brussé (c1768-1813)Adriana Honing (1757-1844)Anna van Soest (1799-1875)
John Newton Burton (1809-1839)Alexander Burton (1772-1819)Elizabeth Leftwich (1774-1846)Sarah Allred (1811-1834) + Susan McCord (1808-1872)
Ethel Isabel Cause (1882-1973)George Cause (1844-1926)Elizabeth Albury (1850-1937)James Whatson (1886-1958)
John Gord Chivell (1848-1914)Joseph Chivell (c1798-1855)Ann Bennie Goard (1800-1880)Annie Gardner (c1848-1929)
Ann Coggeshall (1626-1688)John Coggeshall (1601-1665)Mary Gould (1604-1684)Peter Easton (1622-1693)
... further results

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