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November 16 in recent years
2009 (Monday)
2008 (Sunday)
2007 (Friday)
2006 (Thursday)
2005 (Wednesday)
2004 (Tuesday)
2003 (Sunday)
2002 (Saturday)
2001 (Friday)
2000 (Thursday)

November 16 is the 321st day of the year (322nd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 44 days remaining until the end of the year.

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62 Familypedia people were born on November 16

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Florence Evelyn Adams (1869-1953)Henry Daniel Adams (1844-1920)Eliza Agnes Bradley (1846-1925)
Harriet Sumner Appleton (1841-1923)Nathan Appleton (1779-1861)Harriet Coffin Sumner (1802-1867)
David John Avard (1865-1944)David Avard (1839-1910)Elizabeth Newton (1841-1890)
Thomas Benjamin Briscoe Blackman (1875-1942)Charles Edward Blackman (1824-1914)Casiah Elizabeth Hill (1849-1913)
Elizabeth Buck (1816-1902)Gurdon Buck (1777-1853)Susannah Manwaring (1783-1839)
Albert Clarence Cheney (1886-1979)Albert Joseph Cheney (1847-1915)Matilda Henrietta Jane Adams (1857-1931)
Seth Wells Cheney (1810-1856)George Cheney (1771-1829)Electa Woodbridge (1760-1853)
Michael John Clayton (1886-1970)Thomas Patrick Clayton (1859-1945)Margaret Kirwan (1859-1886)
William David Cross (1865-1923)William Alexander Cross (1835-1905)Emma Peel Cobcroft (1841-1913)
Chantal Coster Cruijff (1970)Hendrik Johannes Cruijff (1947-2016)Diana Margaretha Coster (1949)
Eliza Day (1861-1926)George Day (1828-1903)Sophia M Eyles (1826-1894)
William Pearce DillonWilliam Lewis DillonIda Jane Stallings (1861-1941)
Kate Donkersgoed (1877-1960)Elbert van Donkersgoed (1851-1927)Jane Loomans (1855-1920)
Margaret Elizabeth Eddington (1792-1822)Thomas Eddington (-bef1808)Elizabeth Thompson (bef1792)
John Faint (1834-1902)Robert Faint (c1791-1849)Sarah Ann Todd (1794-c1873)
... further results

74 Familypedia people died on November 16

 FatherMotherAge at death
Sibylla von Anhalt (1564-1614)Joachim Ernst von Anhalt-Dessau (1536-1586)Agnes von Barby-Mühlingen (1540-1569)50
Ann Baker (1894-1894)William Thomas Baker (bef1894-)Emily Mary unknown (bef1894-)0
Henry Beaumont (?-1471)Henry Beaumont (c1411-c1447)Joan Leventhorpe (?-aft1441)
George James Bevege (1851-1922)George Bevege (1811-1870)Mary Ann Hurst (bef1849)71
Hendrika Bos (c1835-1907)Gerrit Bos (c1797-1872)Barendina Nieuwburg (1793-1865)72
Thomas Bowie (1833-1891)Thomas Bowie (c1810-)Euphemia Beveridge (c1810-)58
Nancy Ann Brownlee (1752-1812)John Brownlee (1728-1802)Alley Alice Fagan (1732-1802)60
James Butler (1665-1745)Thomas Butler (1634-1680)Emilia van Nassau-Beverweerd (1635-1688)80
David Hoyt Canary (1938-2015)Hilary A. Canary (1910-2002)Lorena Heal (1912-1991)
Edward Cecil, Viscount Wimbleton (1571-1638)Thomas Cecil, 1st Earl of Exeter (1542-1623)Dorothy Neville (1548-1608)67
John Cheney (1568-1623)William Cheney (1540-1608)Frances Cheney (c1540-?)55
William Wheeler Coit (1735-1821)Joseph Coit (1672-1750)Experience Wheeler (1685-1759)86
Mary Cotton (1541-1580)George Cotton (c1505-1545)Mary Onley (1517-1560)
Charles Cowper (1834-1911)Charles Cowper (1807-1875)Eliza Sutton (1801-1884)77
Edward Curr (c1798-1850)John Curr (c1756-)Hannah Wilson (c1760-)52
... further results

62 Familypedia people were first married on November 16

 FatherMotherJoined with
William Ashenden (1829-1867)William A Ashenden (1792-1846)Eleanor Harmer (1786-1866)Sarah Blackman (1834-1877)
William Baker (1814-1898)William Baker (1788-1863)Lydia Standing (c1788-1853)Frances Friend (1826-1906)
Sarah Blackman (1834-1877)William Blackman (1808-1894)Fanny Duly (1808-1894)William Ashenden (1829-1867)
John Botting (1716)William Botting (1681)Ann Scrivens (bef1708)Mary Carten (bef1738)
Eber Bunker (1761-1836)James Bunker (1734-1768)Hannah Shurtleff (1739-1821)Margrett Thompson (1767-1808)+Margaret McFarlane (c1780-1821)+Ann Howey (1775-1837)
Louise of Orléans (1882-1958)Philippe de Paris (1838-1894)Maria Isabel of Orléans (1848-1919)Carlo di Borbone Due Sicilie (1870-1949)
Thomas Cotton (c1744-1808)Richard Cotton (1709-1733)Alice Cotton (1711-)Ermine (Hermies) Hall (c1744-1817)
Camilla Eyring (1894-1987)Edward Christian Eyring (1868-1957)Caroline Cottam Romney (1874-1954)Spencer Woolley Kimball (1895-1985)
Edward FitzRandolph (c1565-1647)Christopher FitzRandolph (c1530-1588)Ann Wood (c1540-1588)Alice Thompson (1569-1604)+ Frances Howe (1584-1631)
George Henry FitzRoy, 4th Duke of Grafton (1760-1844)Augustus Henry FitzRoy, 3rd Duke of Grafton (1735-1811)Anne Liddell (1737-1804)Charlotte Maria Waldegrave (1761-1808)
James Grant Forbes (1769-1825)John Forbes (1740-1783)Dorothy Murray (1745-1811)Frances Elizabeth Blackwell (-1845)
Elvira Martha Fullmer (1839-1915)David Fullmer (1803-1879)Rhoda Ann Marvin (1813-1892)John Thomas Hickenlooper (1836-1900)
Crawfurd Pollok Gordon (1788-1880)John Gordon-Cuming-Skene (1761-1828)Lucken Crawford (c1767-aft1806)William Forlong of Erins (1790-1878)
Henry Harvey (1851-1906)Henry Harvey (c1801-1886)Elizabeth Jane Moore (c1824-1891)Jane Hecuba Butterfield (c1869-1928)
Mary Heffernan (1839-1931)Edmund Heffernan (1807-1894)Hanora Ryan (1810-1887)Patrick Mylott (1838-1899)
... further results

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