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November 18 is the 322nd day of the year (323rd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 43 days remaining until the end of the year.


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69 Familypedia people were born on November 18

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
William Henry Adams (1860-1893)George Edwin Adams (1823-1897)Ann T Cox (1838-1897)
Rueben Warren Allred (1815-1896)James Allred (1784-1876)Elizabeth Warren (1786-1879)
Jonathan Arnold (1708-1770)Thomas Arnold (1675-1727)Elizabeth Burlingame (1684-1752)
Henry Bailey (1837-1920)George Bailey (1812-1878)Mary Ann Porter (1806-1881)
Reuben Benge (1849-1919)David Benge (1813-1876)Matilda Philadelphia Sarah Roberts (1816-1879)
Richard Berchtold von und zu Ungarschitz (1837-1906)Anton Berchtold von und zu Ungarschitz (1796-1875)Mathilde Strachan (1813-1899)
Joseph Harley Blackman (1892-1918)William George Blackman (1854-1930)Alice Burden Nevell (1869-1958)
Robert Blackman (1811-1876)James Blackman (1759-1842)Elizabeth Harley (1765-1842)
Mary Brooks (1663-1722)Caleb Brooks (1632-1696)Susannah Atkinson (1641-1669)
Trijntje Buurman (1737-1774)Volkert Buurman (1705-1793)Digne Gerrits (1706-1786)
Nigel Campbell (1873-1951)Frederick Archibald Vaughan Campbell, 3rd Earl Cawdor (1847-1911)Edith Georgiana Turnor (1844-1926)
Harrison Cox (1829-1910)Andrew Cox (c1810-)Annice Steagall (c1815-)
Bethiah Crooker (1758-1820)Jonathan Crooker (1717-1793)Bethiah Lowden (1721-)
Elizabeth Boardman Crowninshield (1804-1884)Benjamin Williams Crowninshield (1772-1851)Mary Boardman (1778-1840)
Henry Dangar (1796-1861)William Dangar (1772-1851)Judith Hooper (-1852)
... further results

76 Familypedia people died on November 18

 FatherMotherAge at death
Malinda Allison (1815-1881)Isaac M. Allison (1779-1845)Jane Hunt (1782-1831)
Samuel Amidon (1742-1819)Roger Amidon (1702-1757)Elizabeth Hunkins (1715-1747)77
Chester Alan Arthur (1829-1886)William Arthur (1796-1875)Malvina Stone (1802-1869)57
Albrecht von Brandenburg (c1100-1170)Otto von Ballenstedt (c1071-1123)Eilika von Sachsen (c1081-1142)70
Symon Maartensz Bakker (1761-1812)Maarten Dirksz Bakker (1727-1790)Trijntje Louris Been (1726-1791)51
Edwin Baldwin (1805-1868)Henry Baldwin (c1771-1843)Elizabeth Carpenter (1775-1839)63
Edwin John Barnes (1876-1955)Elephteria Barnes (1845-1916)Rosetta Warren Commins (1849-1932)79
Jacobus Frederik Theodorus Bergman (1879-1918)Dirk Theodorus Bergman (1859-1909)Wilhelmina Hendrika van Bruggen (1857-1903)39
Basilios Bessarion (1403-1472)
Samuel Bishop (1678-1760)Samuel Bishop (1644-1722)Hester Cogswell (1655-1703)82
Vasile Boerescu (1830-1883)
Reinhart Brecht (1827-1912)Bernard Brecht (1795-1863)Katherine Horeweddel (1807-)85
Melita H. Bremer (1902-1948)Henry M. Bremer (1868-1935)Anna Maria Ehlers (1876-1961)46
Rebecca Call (1744-1812)Caleb Call (1739-)Rebecca Stimpson (1741-)
Constança of Portugal (1290-1313)Dinis of Portugal (1261-1325)Elizabeth of Aragon (1271-1336)23
... further results

69 Familypedia people were first married on November 18

 FatherMotherJoined with
Helen Schermerhorn Astor (1858-1893)William Backhouse Astor (1829-1892)Caroline Webster Schermerhorn (1830-1908)James Roosevelt Roosevelt (1854-1927)
James Balgowan (1845-1902)William Balgowan (c1808-1887)Jannet Shand (1810-1880)Louisa McGuiness (1849-1935)
Ruth Bass (1663-1699)John Bass (1630-1716)Ruth Alden (1643-1674)Peter Webb (1657-1718)
Lucy Hart Beck (1782-1862)John Beck (bef1782-)Abigail Slade (bef1782-)William Blair Shepard (1779-1867)
Lijsbeth Boon (1827-1862)Meindert Boon (c1785-aft1827)Dieuwertje Koop (c1790-aft1827)Pieter van der Gulik (1823-1884)
William Bradford (1590-1657)William Bradford (1559-1591)Alice Hanson (1562-1697)Dorothy May (1590-1620)+Alice Carpenter (1583-1670)
Edward Thompson Breathitt (1897-1969)James Breathitt (1852-1934)Olivia Thompson (1860-1949)Mary Josephine Wallace (1898-1968)
Edwin Mayhew Brissenden (1862-1930)Edwin Torrens Brissenden (c1836-1907)Agnes Anna Kent (c1836-1911)Amelia Jane Knight Nicol (1863-1927)+Ida Jeanette Reynolds-Moreton (1883-1970)
Edmund Cheney (1696-1761)John Cheney (1666-1750)Mary Chute (1674-1750)Mary Plummer (1694-1748) + Ann Poor (-)
William Collits (1815-1867)Pierce Briggington Collits (1763-1848)Mary Hardwick (1769-1841)Caroline James (1827-1842)+Mary Ann Quinn (c1819-1865)
Ann Cooper (1625-1691)Father Cooper (c1580-)Mother Cooper (c1580-)Ephraim Morton (1623-1693)
Henry John Cornish (1824-1908)Thomas Cornish (bef1824)Fanny (bef1824)Melanie Sarah Rudder (1837-1911)
Amabel Frederica Henrietta Cowper (1846-1906)George Augustus Frederick Cowper, 6th Earl Cowper (1806-1856)Anne Florence Weddell, 7th Baroness Lucas (1806-1880)Walter Talbot Kerr (1839-1927)
Mary Baker DeGraffenried (1764-1823)Baker DeGraffenried (1744-1776)Sarah Vass (1744-1807)Gideon Johnson (1754-1843)
Mary Jane Douglass (1838-1924)Charles Douglass (1812-1884)Sarah Morris (1820-1883)William Gill (1832-1884)
... further results

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