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O'Dea coat of arms

O'Dea coat of arms

Origin: Ireland
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O'Dea, pronounced "oh-dee" (IPA: /oːˈdiː/), is an Irish surname approximately 1,000 years old belonging to a family descended from a tenth century chieftain called Deághaidh. The clan came originally from the western coastal county of Clare. The English version of the name, O'Dea, is derived from Ó Deághaidh or Ua Deághaidh in the Irish language.

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  • O'Dea: Ua Deághaidh: The Story of a Rebel Clan, by Risteárd Ua Cróinín (Richard Cronin), Ballinakella Press, Whitegate, Co. Clare, Ireland, 1992. ISBN 0946538077.
  • Irish Battles - A Military History of Ireland, by G.A. Hayes-McCoy, Appletree Press, 1990. ISBN 086281250X.

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