Vital Statistics: Edit

  • Son of Obadiah Bliss and Ruth Kent
  • 1792-Sept-20 Birth -
  • 1814- Married to Mariah Poole (1795-1857) at Savoy, Berkshire Co, Mass - She was 57 years old at time of death listed for the Oakhill Cemetary - died Sept 2, 1857
  • 1863-Jan-5 : Death at Ionia, Michigan

Children of Obadiah and Mariah Bliss Edit

Research Notes; Edit

Both Obadiah and Mariah are listed in burial record for OAK HILL CEMETERY - Ionia County, Michigan

Oakhill Cemetery is located in Section 24 on Yeomans Street in Ionia. 
This cemetery is Ionia's first cemetery.  Many of Ionia County's
founders are buried here. There are 1399 transcribed burials for this cemetery from the early 1800's

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