Oene Geerts Dolstra (May 1749 - Autumn 1809)


Oene was born in Holland. He was a fisherman.


Oene Geerts Dolstra married Weltje Kaspers on 17 March 1776. They had two children:

  1. Kasper Dolstra (1776 - ?)
  2. Geertie Dolstra (1780-1818)

Weltje Kaspers died on 28 November 1785. Then Oene married Wijbrigje Foppes (1755-1823) on 26 October 1788. They had five children:

  1. Geert Oenes Dolstra (1792-1887)
  2. Aaltje Oenes Dolstra (1792-1827)
  3. Reinder Oenes Dolstra (1798-1827)
  4. Simen Oenes Dolstra (1799-1882)
  5. Aukje Oenes Dolstra (1802-1887)

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