Old Hopewell Church Cemetery, McCormick County, South Carolina, USA

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Old Hopewell Church Cemetery, McCormick County, South Carolina, USA



  • location:
  1. From the intersection of SC Highway 28 and US 378 in McCormick, go 11.4 miles North on SC Highway 28.
  2. Turn left on S-33-19, go 0.3 miles West. (Just before S-33-19, there will be a sign on Highway 28 saying: Mt. Carmel 7 miles.)
  3. Turn right on S-33-81, go 0.5 miles North. (You will pass the Old Hopewell Church, which resembles a barn, on your right.)
  4. Turn left on S-33-38, go 1.0 miles West. (This is a dirt - and only dirt - road. You will be 400 feet East of where the road crosses Lee Creek. At this point, you will have to park your vehicle; you should park 30 feet before (in front of) a "narrow bridge" sign.)
  5. On your right (North), you will see an abandoned, primitive roadbed. A rusty cable crosses this road, blocking vehicular access. Walk 500 feet (180 steps) North along this roadbed to the cemetery.

Grave ListEdit

Far side - left to right

Line IEdit

Grave 1 - In memory of W.A. Pennal, 1845 - 1877

Graves 2 through 6 - [unmarked]

Line IIEdit

Graves 1 through 5 - [unmarked]

Grave 6 - In remembrance of Mrs. Margaret Dickey Pennal who died in 1838 Aged 66 years. And of her four sons, natives of the county of Antrem, Ireland who all died in Abbeville District So. Ca. Much respected and beloved by all who knew them. Charles, Died in 1836, Aged 21 years, Alexander, Died in 1837, Aged 38 years, James, Died in 1845, Aged 33 years, Samuel, Died in 1846, Aged 39 years, Erected by Robert Pennal

Graves 7 through 9 - [unmarked]

Line IIIEdit

Grave 1 - R.M.J., Died 24 Oct. 1826, Aged 13 months

Line IVEdit

no marked graves

Line VEdit

Graves 1 through 5 - [unmarked]

Grave 6 - Father, Robert McComb, Died in 1856, Aged 51 years

Grave 7 - Mary A. McComb, Died in 1888, Aged 65 years

Grave 8 - Sarah Francis McComb, Died December 16, 1878, Aged 37 years, 5 months and 24 days

Grave 9 - Sacred to the memory of Mary Jane McComb, Died Aug. 19, 1879, Aged 11 years, 10 mos. & 28 days

Grave 10 - Joseph R. McComb, Born Jan. 6, 1842, Died July 10, 1904

Line VIEdit

Graves 1 and 2 - [unmarked]

Grave 3 - In memory of Frances Wilson, Born Nov. 4th 1839, Died May 12th 1871, Aged 31 years 6 mos. & 8 days

Grave 4 - In [memory] of Rebecca Thornton, Born Nov. 24, 1812, Died Aug. 14, 1872, A constant member of the Presbyterian church for 40 years, A kind and indulgent mother, A loving and devoted wife

Grave 5 - Eli Thornton, Born Feb. 6, 1806, Died Aug. 7, 1874

Grave 6 - Mary J. Link McComb, Mar. 2, 1846, Dec. 26, 1911

Line VIIEdit

Graves 1 and 2 - [unmarked]

Grave 3, with separate foot marker - Robert Thornton, Died June 18, 1889, Aged 51 years

Grave 4 - Lewis Watkins Leslie, husband of Emma Cowan Leslie, Sept. 20, 1863 - Nov. 21, 1904

Unclear Line NumberEdit

  • Unable to match this grave to transcription.


  • Most of the information about this cemetery was copied with permission from McCormick County Cemeteries prepared by the McCormick County Historical Society in 1987, whose members are deeply thanked.
  • Details beyond simple text not as appears on original; comments appear in brackets: [ ]; "?" substituted for unknown letter(s)/word(s)/line(s); all graves transcribed; all visible graves photographed; grave numbers for the convenience of the transcriber and photographer only; photographs taken 22 November 2001; transcription compiled from photographs.
  • The cemetery is surrounded by a wire fence which is in good repair, although the cemetery itself is overgrown.

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