Old Newby Cemetery, McCormick County, South Carolina, USA



  • General Views of Cemetery (left to right) - (first), (second), (third), (fourth)

Grave ListEdit

Grave 1 - William Ellington Searles Talbert, Son of R.J. & G.A. Talbert, Born July 21, 1877, Died Jany. 11, 1890, I have found the shore of everlasting rest.

Grave 1(i), footstone: W. E. S. T.
Grave 1(ii), gate: Springfield Architectural Iron Works (R. J. Talbert)

Grave 2 - At Rest, ? Searles, Born [Dec] ?, 1823, Died ?, 1899

Grave 2(i), footstone: E. A. S.

Grave 3 - Georgia A., Wife of Dr. R.J. Talbert

Grave 4 - At Rest, Alfred M. Burdashaw, Born Aug. 10, 185?, Died Dec. 22, 1879. He was too good, too gentle and ? to dwell in this ?

Grave 5 (close up of hand pointing up) - Simpson S. Burdashaw, Born March 27, 1827. Died Feb. 15, 1900. Age 72 Years 10 mos. & 18 dys.

Grave 5(i), footstone:  ? S. B.

Grave 6 - Infant ? Frank [initial]. & Annie Robinson

Grave 7 - Unidentified

  • Graves marked with illegible funeral home markers
  • Approximately 25 graves marked only with stones/bricks


  • Not all graves transcribed or photographed; photographs taken on 2 August 2000.

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