Ole Kirk Christiansen was born 7 April 1891 in Vejle, Vejle, Denmark to Jens Niels Christiansen and Kristine Christiansen and died 11 March 1958 in Ribe, Denmark of unspecified causes. He married Kirstine Sörensen 1916 . He married Sofie Jörgensen 1934 .

Ole Kirk Christiansen is the founder of LEGO.



Offspring of Ole Kirk Christiansen and Kirstine Sörensen
Name Birth Death Joined with
Johannes Christiansen (1917-)
Karl Georg Christiansen (1919-)
Godtfred Kirk Christiansen (1919-1995) 1919 1995 Edith Kirk Christiansen

Gerhardt Christiansen (1926-)

Offspring of Ole Kirk Christiansen and Sofie Jörgensen
Name Birth Death Joined with
Ulla Christiansen (-)

Footnotes (including sources)

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