Olof Adolf Sjöström
Sjostrom-Olaf picture
Sex: Male
Birth: February 4, 1841
Ljustorp, Sweden
Emigration: 1880, Sweden to Brooklyn
1894, Brooklyn to Sweden
Death: 1896
Siblings: Cristina Carolina Sjöström (1839-?)
Spouse/Partner: Elizabeth Hartman (c1845-1886)
Children: August Olof Sjöström
Victor David Sjöström (1879-1960)
2nd Spouse: Maria Olson
2nd Marriage: October 23, 1886
Manhattan, New York

Olof Adolf Sjöström (1841-1896) was a money transfer agent that in 1894 failed to make payments for his clients and fled the country. (b. February 4, 1841; Ljustorp, Sweden - d. 1896, Sweden)


Second marriageEdit

  • October 23, 1886 to Maria Olson in Manhattan. She was the family nanny.


Olof Adolf Sjöström moved to America around 1880, and he started a money transfer agency in Brooklyn that transferred money back to Sweden. The rest of the Sjöström family then came to America. Olaf's wife died around 1886. His son, Victor Sjöström was sent back to Sweden to the town of Uppsala. Olaf married Maria Olson in 1886, she had been the nanny. In 1894 Olaf's agency owed $30,000 and he fled the country but promised to pay back his debts within three years. He died in 1896. [1]


He is an ancestor of Karen Burkar.

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