Olof Emanuel Näslund
Naslund-Olof 34
Sex: Male
Birth: April 29, 1829 (1829-04-29) (188 years ago)
Hedes parish, Jämtland, Sweden
Death: September 17, 1906 (age 77)
111 years ago
Ragunda, Jämtland, Sweden
Burial: Ragunda, Jämtland, Sweden
Father: Israel Israelsson Näslund III (1796-1858)
Mother: Johanna Gustafva Ruuth (1800-1860)
Siblings: Johan Israel Näslund (1822-1906)
Carl Gustaf Näslund (1825-1889)
Elsa Maria Elisabeth Näslund (1829-1907)
Johanna Näslund (1838-?)
Spouse/Partner: Anna Hedberg Brundel (1820-?)
Marriage: May 25, 1858 (age 29)
159 years ago
Härnösand, Sweden

Olof Emanuel Näslund (1829-1906) aka Manny Naslund was a land surveyor in Härnösand, Sweden. (b. April 29, 1829; Hedes parish, Jämtland, Sweden - d. September 17, 1906; Ragunda, Jämtland, Sweden)



He was born on April 29, 1829 in Hedes parish, Jämtland, Sweden as a twin of Elsa Maria Elisabeth Näslund (1829-1907).



Olof married Anna Hedberg Brundel (1820-?) aka Annette Brandell, on May 25, 1858 in Härnösand. Annette was the daughter of Ullånger Per Brundel and Anna Brita Geting. Annette had a brother: Abraham Brandell (1828-?). It is not known if Olof and Anna had any children.


In 1890 they were living on Gårdsegare in Härnösand.


Olof died in 1906 at the home of his brother, Johan Israel Näslund, who lived in Ragunda, Jämtland, Sweden.


Both are buried in the church cemetery in Ragunda, Jämtland, Sweden.

Swedish biographyEdit

He is mentioned in the biography of his father: "Född 1829, son till komministern i Ytterlännäs Israel Näslund och Johanna Gustava Ruuth. Examen 1849. Vid avvittringen 1854-1861. Vice 1861. Kommissionslantmätare 1863. Avsked 1896 med 1600 kr. Bor i Härnösand. Gift med Annette Brandell, född 1820, samt änka efter handlanden i Gävle Per Hedberg."

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