Oscar Arthur Moritz Lindauer
Lindauer-OscarArthurMoritz 01f
Sex: Male
Birth: July 15, 1815 (1815-07-15) (202 years ago)
Rheinbischofsheim, Rheinau
Ortenaukreis, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Emigration: 1834 (183 years ago)
Alsace area to Pennsylvania
Death: September 5, 1866 (age 51)
151 years ago
Manhattan, New York
Burial: Cypress Hills Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York
Father: Jean Jacques Lindauer (1770)
Mother: Sophie Christine Bauer (1778-1834)
Spouse/Partner: Unknown
Marriage: Strasbourg, Alsace-Lorraine area
Children: Charles Frederick Lindauer I (1835-1921) ^
John Jacob Lindauer (1841-1888)
Louis Julius Lindauer (1842-1915)
Eloise Lindauer I (1852-1944)
2nd Spouse: Sophia Weber (1815-1891)
2nd Marriage: May 27, 1851 at age 36 (166 years ago)
Newark, New Jersey
Findagrave: Oscar Arthur Moritz Lindauer
Note(s): ^ Freudenberg line
Oscar Arthur Moritz Lindauer (1815-1866) birth on July 15, 1815 at 2 am in Bischoffsheim in Alsace

1851 baptism

Rheinbischofsheim 01 Kirche fcm

Rheinbischofsheim Kirche

1851 Lindauer Weber marriage crop

1851 marriage

Lindauer Weber 1851 marriage 2

1851 marriage to Sophia Weber

Lindauer-OscarArthur 1851 marriage 2

1851 marriage to Sophia Weber

CypressHill 3049162146 9ea116d4a8 o original

Cypress Hill cemetery burials

Lindauer-OscarArthurMoritz cemetery 05

Oscar Arthur Moritz Lindauer (1815-1866) burial plot

Lindauer-OscarArthurMoritz 02d

Lindauer-Ensko bible recording his death

Oscar Arthur Moritz Lindauer (1815-1866) emigrated from the Strasbourg, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France area to Pennsylvania in 1834. He, along with his children, operated a series of liquor and cigar stores in Manhattan, New York and Jersey City, New Jersey. Their cigar business was Lindauer and Company Tobacconists which manufactured and sold cigars throughout Manhattan and Hudson County, New Jersey. They were also involved in an illegal lottery in Manhattan, called the numbers game or "policy dealing". (b. July 15, 1815; Rheinbischofsheim, Rheinau, Ortenaukreis, Baden-Württemberg, Germany - d. September 5, 1866; 42 Grand Street, Manhattan, New York County, New York City, New York, USA)

Name variationsEdit

  • Oscar Arthur Moritz Lindauer, in the Ensko-Lindauer family bible.
  • Oskar Arthur Moritz Lindauer, for his marriage in 1851.
  • Oscar A.M. Lindauer, in his 1866 funeral notice.
  • He listed himself as "Aug Lindauer", which may be short for August Lindauer, his bother, in the 1840 United States Census. He may have done this to avoid detection since he was running an illegal lottery. His son, Charles was more open and took out newspaper ads under his own name for the lottery.



Oscar was born on July 15, 1815 at 2:00 a.m. in Rheinbischofsheim, Rheinau, Ortenaukreis, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.


Oscar was baptized on July 26, 1815 at 3:00 p.m. in Rheinbischofsheim, Rheinau, Ortenaukreis, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. His father was listed as a citizen and a merchant.


Children from first marriageEdit

They had three children in Pennsylvania:

The Pennsylvania Department of Health did not begin to issue birth and death certificates until January 1, 1906. Prior to that time there are some county records and most births were recorded as baptisms by churches.

Pennsylvania to ManhattanEdit

Oscar moved from Pennsylvania to New York City in 1843.


His first wife died around 1845-1850.

Second marriageEdit

He married Sophia Weber (1815-1891) on May 27, 1851 in Newark, New Jersey. She was born in Kehl Dorf, Kehl Stadt, Ortenaukreis, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The Lutheran Theological Seminary Archive, 7301 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania had the following record: "Marriage: 27 May 1851 Groom: Oskar Arthur Moritz Lindauer, clerk, 133 Elisabeth Street, NY, 35 years old, bachelor [sic], of Rheinbischofsheim, Amt Kehl, grand-duchy of Baden. Bride: Sophie Weber, 34 years old, of 450 Grand Street, NY, 34 years old, young lady, of Kehl, Amt Kehl, grand duchy of Baden. Witnesses: Peter Pfeifer & Emilie Maschhop. Minister: Maschhop, St. John Lutheran Church, Court Street, Newark, New Jersey."

Child from second marriageEdit


Oscar and Sophia lived on Houston Street in Greenwich Village in New York City and Oscar and his children operated a liquor vending business or an "exchange". Other entries in the city directory list the children as "brokers". In 1866 he was living at 81 Grand Street in Manhattan and his occupation was listed as "exchange". This was their illegal lottery business that led to multiple arrests of his children, but no convictions.


Oscar died in 1866 and his funeral notice appeared in the New York Herald on September 7, 1866:

On Wednesday morning, September 5, Oscar A.M. Lindauer, aged 51 years and 2 months. The relatives and friends of his sons, Charles, Louis, and John Lindauer, also the members of Eastern Star Lodge, No. 227, F. and A.M., are respectfully invited to attend the funeral from 42 Grand Street, this (Friday) afternoon, at two o'clock. The remains to be interred in Cypress Hill Cemetery.[1]
Death certificates were not issued in Manhattan until 1866. Prior to that year their were only ledger entries with the deceased's name and date of death, and cause of death.


He was buried in Cypress Hills Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York with:

Memories about Oscar Arthur Moritz LindauerEdit

Memoirs of Eloise Ensko II (1925-1993) from July 03, 1965. Eloise did not know that Sophie was Oscar's second wife:

"My great-grandmother Sophia married an Oscar Lindauer. They came from Alsace-Lorraine on their honeymoon, by boat. Alsace-Lorraine was then owned by the French. Great-grandmother brought a lovely picture of Napoleon over from the other side - none of which I have ever seen duplicated. It is still in the family and in excellent condition. The Lindauer family owned a huge department store over there. When the newlyweds came to this country about the early 1800's they settled in Philadelphia. The living room furniture is still in the family. I have in my possession one of the sitting chairs. It is a very pretty, light wood in color, Victorian style. It is now of heavy material and cover. Sophia and Oscar had three boys and later on one girl. The boys were Charles, Louis and John and the girl, Eloise, was named by her brother, Charles. He found it by reading a book (Heloise & Abelard). The boys were much older than Eloise."


Uncompleted tasksEdit

The following further research is needed:

  • Find his marriage circa 1834 which will name his spouse
  • Find him in the 1840 US census in Manhattan or Pennsylvania. He may be the person listed as Mr. Lindauer in Manhattan.
  • Find his death certificate for 1866, it has not been found in the NY or NJ archive to date, it will take this side of the family back one generation. Death certificates were not issued in Manhattan until 1866. Prior to that year their were only ledger entries with the deceased's name and date of death, and cause of death.
  • Order his probate papers from New York


Oscar Arthur Moritz Lindauer (1815-1866) was the third, great-grandfather of Richard Arthur Norton (1958- ).


Researched and written by Richard Arthur Norton (1958- ) for Findagrave starting on June 17, 2003. That information was migrated here to Familypedia on November 8, 2006.


  • Kevin Borland writes: "Oscar's father's name may have been Jean Jacques, as all of the known Lindauers born around Oscar's birth year in Strasbourg list their father, if at all, as Jean Jacques. Oscar also had a son named John Jacob, which supports this theory. The mother of Oscar may have been Sophie Chretienne Bauer, as she appears to have been bearing children to Jean Jacques shortly before the birth of Oscar. However, there were other children born to a Jean Jacques by a different mother (Marie Madeleine Gunther) in earlier years. This means that there could have two men named Jean Jacques, or that Jean married twice. Researcher Kevin Borland has ordered a copy of the 1836 census of Strasbourg, which is expected to resolve any uncertainty regarding Oscar's birth. The data is being mailed to Virginia from France, and is expected to arrive by mid-January. The store confirmed that there were 9 Lindauers listed in the census in Strasbourg. As of 2011 his parents still have not been confirmed, and it is possible that Oscar was born near Strasbourg and not in Strasbourg since he has not been found in the baptisms that have been scanned and put online recently."
  • Richard Arthur Norton (1958) writes on February 28, 2013: "The connection of our Oscar Arthur Moritz Lindauer of Alsace with the Lindauers of Pennsylvania was made firmer yesterday when I was in contact with James Martin at Years ago when researching civil war records for our John Jacob Lindauer (1840-1888). I was sent by NARA the records of the John Jacob Lindauer from Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. This was around 1998. That made me first think that the families were connected and that finding the connection would be easy. It wasn't easy, to this date I have not found the birth records for our Lindauers in Pennsylvania. When I contacted James Martin, he confirmed that his Lindauers were from Alsace and he had already fit our Oscar Arthur Moritz Lindauer into his tree with an 1812 birth, and he had migrated the data to his tree. He never thought of contacting me. He listed the father of Oscar Arthur Moritz Lindauer as Jean Jacques (John Jacob) which was our tentative ancestor. I do not usually put data into my tree without a birth, or marriage, or death record recording the names of parents, but this seems so strong I have broken my rule and merged his tree into my tree. I still do not have any of the three basic documents for our Oscar Arthur Moritz Lindauer."
  • Tom Peters of Somerville, New Jersey writes on January 13, 2014: "Here are my thoughts: Jean Jacques/Johann Jacob Lindauer who married Sophie Christiana Bauer was born ca 1767 probably in Kehl, Baden. You have an August Theodore Lindauer as the sibling of Johann Jacob. How do you know this? This person was not born in Strassburg. At this point in time, without having reviewed the church records of Kehl, Baden, the following children are known to have been born to Johann Jacob Lindauer, Jr.& Sophia Christiana Bauer: 1. Sophie Amelie Josephine, born 7 Dec 1808 in Kehl, Baden. 2. Marie Louise Eleonore, born 6 Nov 1810 in Kehl, Baden. 3. Oscar Arthur Moritz, born 15 July 1815 in Rheinbischofsheim, Baden. 4. Ernst Maximilian, born 27 January 1813 in Rheinbischofsheim, Baden. 5. Sophie Johanna, born 26 June 1817 in Rheinbischofsheim, Baden. Martin Lindauer, father of your Johann Jacob Lindauer Sr., is a furrier (Kurschner) by occupation. I misread the death record of Johann Jacob Lindauer Sr., born 1725. I have attached the death of Johann Jacob Lindauer's wife's birth and death (Sophia Christiana Bauer)."

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References and footnotesEdit

  1. ^ "Deaths". New York Herald. September 7, 1866. "On Wednesday morning, September 5, Oscar A.M. Lindauer ..." 

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