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Otto Friedrich Ludwig Wittelsbach of Greece, King of Greece, was born 1 June 1815 in Salzburg to Ludwig I. von Bayern (1786-1868) and Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen (1792-1854) and died 26 July 1867 in Bamberg of unspecified causes. He married Amelie von Oldenburg (1818-1875) 22 November 1836 . Notable ancestors include Gustav I of Sweden (1496-1560), Henry II of England (1133-1189), William I of England (1027-1087), Charlemagne (747-814), Hugh Capet (c940-996), Alfred the Great (849-899), Rurik (c832-879), Robert I of Scotland (1274-1329). Ancestors are from France, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Russia, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Austria, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Spain, Hungary, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Bohemia, Prussia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Byzantium, Scotland, England, the Byzantine Empire.

Namesakes of Otto of Greece (1815-1867)

  Birth place Death place Father Mother Joined with
Otto II. von Bayern (1206-1253) Kelheim Landshut Ludwig I. von Bayern (1173-1231) Ludmilla of Bohemia (1170-1240) Agnes von der Pfalz (c1201-1267)
Otto I. von Bayern (?-1156) Otto III. von Scheyern (?-c1121) Richardis von Weimar-Istrien-Krain (c1070-1110) Heilika von Lengenfeld (c1103-1170)
Otto III. von Bayern (c1121-1189) Otto I. von Bayern (?-1156) Heilika von Lengenfeld (c1103-1170) Benedikta von Wörth
Otto I. von Bayern (1117-1183) Kelheim Pfullendorf Otto I. von Bayern (?-1156) Heilika von Lengenfeld (c1103-1170) Agnes van Loon (1150-1191)
Otto I. von Pfalz-Mosbach (1390-1461) Mosbach Kloster Reichenbach Ruprecht III. von der Pfalz (1352-1410) Elisabeth von Nürnberg (1358-1411) Johanna von Bayern-Landshut (1413-1444)
Otto III. von Bayern (1261-1312) Burghausen Landshut Heinrich I. von Bayern (1235-1290) Elisabeth of Hungary (1236-1271) Katharina von Habsburg (c1256-1282) + Agnes of Glogau (?-?)
Otto of Greece (1815-1867) Salzburg Bamberg Ludwig I. von Bayern (1786-1868) Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen (1792-1854) Amelie von Oldenburg (1818-1875)
Otto Heinrich von der Pfalz (1502-1559) Amberg, Germany Heidelberg, Germany Ruprecht von der Pfalz (1481-1504) Elisabeth von Bayern-Landshut (1478-1504) Susanna von Bayern (1502-1543)
Otto I. von Bayern (1848-1916) Munich Munich Maximilian II. von Bayern (1811-1864) Marie Friederike von Preußen (1825-1889)

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