Sir Paganus de Villiers, Lord of Warrington was born circa 1064 to William de Villiers (c1044-) .

"...who (Paganus) came into England at the time of the conquerer, and soon after was Lord of Crosby in the county of Lancaster, and of Kinaton and Newbold in the county of Nottingham, which he held of the Butlers of Werrington, and which his prosperity enjoyed until the reign of K. Edward III. but Crosby went off to the family of Molyneux, by Beatrix, daughter and heir of Robert de Villiers, son of Alan, son of said Pagan.

Which Pagan, was a witness to the Foundation Charter of Roger of Poictou to the monastery of Lancaster; and to him (says Sir William Dugdale) succeeded Gilbert de Villiers, probably his son, after whom, till the reign of K. Edward I. are enumerated by that author and others, without any direct chain of succession........

Paganus de Villiers before mentioned, who was first enfeoffed in Newbold, gave to Alan his son five carucates of land, in Knight's service; and to the hospital of Jerusalem, one carucate in Bekaneshou, in Alms. He likewise gave to his son William de Vylers, the lands of Newbold, to hold by Knight's service. Alan, the younger son, had issue Robert, whose daughter and heir Beatrix was married to Robert Molyneux, of Sephton, in Lancashire, as already observed; and William the elder, was the father of Paganus de Viylers, a man of great note, who in Henry II. reign granted to Roger, Archbishop of York, and his successors, for the use of hospitality, and that no other person should be instituted into the church of Kyneldestowe, the whole garden, as well belonging to the church, as not, four bovats of land and one toft; and also twelve acres of his own gift, with common of pasture through the whole territory of the town..........

He had issue severalchildren, viz. William his heir; Sir Matthew of Crophill, who had an only daughter Beatrix; Alan (father of Sir Robert Vylers of Outhorpe) Thomas; and Richard......."--THE PEERAGE OF IRELAND: By JOHN LODGE,


Offspring of Pagenus Villiers and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
William de villiers
Matthew de Villiers (c1096-) 1096
Alan de Villiers
Thomas de Villiers
Richard de Villiers



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