• Directions: (special thanks to Marion Sturkey for providing these directions): From downtown McCormick (being the intersection of US-378 and SC-28), go 5.2 miles on SC-28; on your left will be Buffalo Baptist Church, turn right on Kennedy Road and go 1.7 miles East; turn right on Red Row Road and go 0.52 miles SSE. At this point you are 0.14 miles from the location where the road crosses Vale Branch. Turn right and walk 400 feet West to the cemetery, located on top of a hill in a clump of trees. Note: It is best to obtain permission from the property owner before walking over this gated land.
  • Condition: The cemetery is in deplorable condition. It is located in a pasture and over the years cows have been left to walk over and among the graves.


From right of cemetery, right to left.

Line I

Grave 1 - Mrs. Mary A., Wife of Joshua B. Palmer, March 5, 1830, Dec. 20, 1916, Thy loss we deeply feel

Grave 2 - Mr. Joshua B. Palmer, Dec. 21, 1842 Oct. 7, 1913, Ye shall be gathered one by one

Grave 3 - Cleopatra Jaro Palmer, Died June 16, 1925, Aged 68 years, Safe in the arms of Jesus

Line II

Grave 1 - rock marked M. P. [hand carved]

Grave 2 - rock marked H. P. [hand carved]

Grave 3 - J. J. Palmer, Born Aug. 16, 1831, Died March 30, 1904, Tis the Lord who hath bereft us, Of the one we loved so well

Grave 4 - Jane, Wife of N. Hodges Palmer, 1838 - 1910

Grave 5 - Mrs. Ann Palmer, April 25th, 1853, Aged 44 yrs. & 2 months

Grave 6 - Champeen D. Palmer, Born Jan. 8, 1799, Died Jan. 15, 1868

Grave 7 - Virginia Ann Palmer, Lovely Child

Line III

Grave 1 - J. B. Palmer, Born Dec. 29, 1866, Died Dec. 3, 1890

Grave 2 - Mary Ann, Wife of Champeen Dale Palmer, 1840 - 1910

Grave 3 - 4 - unmarked

Grave 5 - Singleton H. Plamer, Died Nov. 1837, Aged 28 yrs. and 7 months

Grave 6 - 8 - unmarked

Grave 9 - George P. Palmer, Aged 25 yrs. & 8 months

Grave 10 - Simeon Brooks, Died Jan. 1839, Aged 32 years

Grave 11 - Mrs. Beatrice Palmer who departed this life October 25th, 1862, Aged 52 years and 9 months

Line IV

Grave 1 - D. P.

Grave 1a [different from above?] - In memory of Dale Palmer

Grave 2 - Mrs. Rachel Palmer, Died Sept. 1857, Aged 78 years

Grave 3 - George Palmer, Segn., Died Febr. 1848, Aged 78 years

Line V

Grave 1, [hand carved, almost unreadable]- Joe Beall, Born Oct. 1798, Died --- 1819

Grave 2 - carving on soft stone, unreadable

Grave 3 - unmarked

Other photographsEdit

Rocks marking graves:


  • Most of the information about this cemetery was copied with permission from McCormick County Cemeteries prepared by the McCormick County Historical Society in 1987, whose members are deeply thanked.
  • Details beyond simple text not as appears on original; comments appear in brackets: [ ]; photographs taken 5 December 2004.
  • Others may be buried in this cemetery but due to the condition it is impossible to tell.

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