Paloma Gonzalez was born 1959 in Madrid, Spain to Santiago Gonzalez (1930) and Catalina Jemenez (1929-) . She married Marc L'Espérance (1960) .
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Biography details

Paloma is the sister of Maria Luisa Gonzalez (1955), Santiago Gonzalez (?) and Katrina Gonzalez (?).

She lived in Spain until the age of 4 before her family moved to Montreal, Quebec, where she currently resides.

She is the mother of Catherine L'Espérance (1990) and Philippe L'Espérance (1994), as well as wife of Marc L'Espérance (1960).


Offspring of Paloma Gonzalez and Marc L'Espérance (1960)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Catherine L'Espérance (1990)
Philippe L'Espérance (1994) 1994 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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