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Paulus Johannes Korver was born 18 August 1897 in Den Helder, North Holland, Netherlands to Johannes Antonius Korver (1866-1888) and Maria Jansje Ran (1860-1929) and died 4 June 1979 in Rijswijk, South Holland, Netherlands of unspecified causes. He married Maria W.C. Mol (1898-) 24 January 1924 in Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands.


Offspring of Paulus Korver and Maria W.C. Mol (1898-)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Maria J. Korver (1925-)
Anna M.C. Korver (1927-)
Johannes A. Korver (1928-)
Johannes J. Korver (1929-)
Cornelia H. Korver (1931-)
Paulus C.M. Korver (1933-)
Petrus M. Korver (1934-1935)
Geertruida P.M. Korver (1936-1980)
Jacobus L.M. Korver (1938-1983)
Johanna P.M. Korver (1941-)

Namesakes of Paulus Johannes Korver (1897-1979)

 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
Paulus Korver (1799-1859)Huiswaard, North Holland, NetherlandsAlkmaar, North Holland, NetherlandsHuibert Korver alias Zwerver (1754-1808)Jannetje Aris Goudsblom (1754-?)Maartje Kaper (1797-1844)+Johanna C. Smulders (1820-1879)
Paulus Johannes Korver (1907-1971)AlkmaarDuivendrechtJohan Korver (1877-1951)Agatha Catharina Kueter (1880-1934)Sophia C.M. Boersen (1909-) + Koosje Bielsma (1911-)
Paulus Johannes Korver (1897-1979)Den Helder, North Holland, NetherlandsRijswijk, South Holland, NetherlandsJohannes Antonius Korver (1866-1888)Maria Jansje Ran (1860-1929)Maria W.C. Mol (1898-)
Paulus J. Korver (1895-1922)Alkmaar, North Holland, NetherlandsAlkmaar, North Holland, NetherlandsAntonius Korver (1872-1950)Margaretha de Lange (1870-1942)Antonia M. Rabeling (1896-1978)
Paulus J. Korver (1925-)Alkmaar, North Holland, NetherlandsPaulus J. Korver (1895-1922)Antonia M. Rabeling (1896-1978)Alida van Veen (1920-)
Paulus J. Korver (1956-)Enkhuizen, North Holland, NetherlandsPaulus J. Korver (1925-)Alida van Veen (1920-)Astrid Kruyer (1957-)
Paulus T.J. Korver (1935-)AlkmaarAntonius Wilhelmus Korver (1899-1951)Bartha J. Duin (1905-?)Gerrie Pieterse (1941-)

Sources and notes

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