Peder Andersen of Meberg (1708-1777)

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Peder Andersen of Meberg (1708-1777)

Peder Andersen of Meberg (1708-1777)


He was baptized on October 14, 1708. His parents were Anders Pedersen of Meberg (c1685-?) and Anna Ansteinsen of Meberg (c1685-?).

First marriageEdit

Second marriageEdit



He died in 1776 or 1777.

Lista bygdebokEdit

Peder Andersen of Meberg (1708-1777). In 1729 he married Torborg Kristofferdatter of Kalleberg (1682-1739). In 1741 he married Aaselena Hansdatter of Frøyland (1719-1788). Peder lived with his first wife on Kalleberg, then moved to Frøyland, and in 1760 moved back to Meberg. Pernille Helene Pedersdatter of Meberg (1762-?) was born on Meberg in 1762. The father of Peder Andersen of Meberg was Anders Pedersen of Vestre Hauge (c1690-?) in Lista parish. (Lista bygdebok page 151) ... Aaselena Hansdatter of Frøyland (1719-1788) was the daughter of Hans Pedersen of Grobo (1665-1735) in Spind parish and Anne Torjesdatter of Dåreid (c1670-1747) in Spind parish. (Lista bygdebok page 260)


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