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Per Sundin (1823-1904)


Born as Petrus Apr 5 1823 in Ullånger församling/parish, Västernorrlands län/county, province Ångermanland, Sweden, d. Mar 31 1904 in Ytterlännäs församling/parish ditto.


Pehr (aka Per) Sundin and Margrete (aka Margareta) Olofsdotter (aka Olsdotter), married in Ullånger parish Oct 15 1820, he a farmhand (Dr) from Törne, she a farmers daughter (Bd) from Almsjönäs.


Married in Nordingrå församling/parish, Västernorrlands län/county, Ångermanland province, Sweden Mar 25 1851 to Sigrid Brita Nilsdotter (1824-1898) he farmhand, she maid, her address Almsjön, Ullånger parish.


Born in Almsjön, Ullånger parish:

  • Petrus b. Nov 13 1851
  • Brita Margareta b. Jan 27 1853
  • Johannes b. Dec 13 1854
  • Nils Olof b. Jan 9 1857
  • Pehr Daniel b. Dec 27 1859
  • Jonas August b. Mar 24 1866

Pehr b. unknown, d. in Håll, Ullånger parish on Aug 14 1828, age 37 y 9 m 17 d, cause of death "cold" (probably a flu?).

Margareta (probably) b. as Greta in Almsjönäs, Ullånger parish on Mar 10 1798, d. unknown


  • Märta b. Jan 29 1821
  • Olaus b. May 8 1824
  • Margreta Oct 8 1826
  • Christina Jan 19 1829 (after father´s death

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